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when i posted the photos yesterday of our chicago visual mit’s puppy wearing an fp scarf, a reader wrote in “ohhh polaroids. when will they be back?” funny you should ask…i just heard earlier this week that the impossible project (which has been working tirelessly to bring back production of polaroid film) has encountered some problems that are delaying the project’s timetable.  they were planning on holding a press conference this past monday to announce what the future holds for polaroid film, but that event has been postponed until march.  i will keep you all posted!

in the meantime, check out the impossible shop where you can still find rare analog polaroid products.

the above images are from the flickr group “save polaroid”, which consists of thousands of self-portraits sent in by polaroid film lovers in an attempt to save the special film.


  1. Hi! so glad you responded to my last comment and thanks for the update. I live in Argentina and Polaroid cameras are EXTREMELY cheap, but the film is almost impossible to get =( I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
    Keep us posted.

  2. I have some polaroid film saved up from a few years ago when someone borrowed my polaroid and bought me tons of film. I’m afraid to use it though. Which almost makes it worse than not having it at all.

    Are we getting a March Calendar background sometime soon??

  3. i’m the employee who sent in those polaroids, i actually used the new fujifilm camera that can be purchased at urban outfitters, the polaroid film is about the size of a credit card and the film can also be purchased at urban! its totally available! as far as the old polaroid film goes, i miss it, but this keeps me happy in the meantime. :)

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