this is an old pair of jeans that i love, but they’ve got three holes in them.  i was okay with that for a while but now –  maybe because it’s so cold out – i decided it was time to patch them up.

here are some images i found around the web and saved as inspiration for my project:

i really liked the idea of using different shades of denim and prints with blue in them…

this patch of fabric is actually the inside of a pocket from an old pair of jeans, but i love the way it looks – and it fit perfectly over the large hole in the knee of my jeans!


i used scraps of old denim for the other patches:

patches crop

and here’s the finished product!



i think they look much better.  the only thing i’m not sure about is whether i should do something to the bottoms or not – i might attempt something like this (the genetic patched flare):


…but i can’t decide. what do you guys think?


  1. I think you should do it with a lighter denim or even sew your jean with a zig zag seam. that would look cool too. By the way, you did a great job on your jeans. I like them!

    Stephanie Bluemel

  2. Love all of them except bell bottom one. What about a lace patch? Even a scalloped lace appliqué would be cool…

  3. Love the antiqued fabric you chose! I think the big bell is so fun. But it def has been done. I say go for her cuffed slouch idea or a tapered skinny. Both would be fun and unique. :) Good Luck!

  4. i’d only consider this if i was gonna throw my pants away anyway…………….im so hesitant to tweak my own clothes….

  5. I think bell bottom is just the sort of last touch you need. Bell bottom blue colored jean would definitely look awesome.

    Or you could give your last bell bottom part a light blue color. ;)

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