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Here’s a bit of insight into one of our Exclusive Brands!!!

Fp One is a very inspiring ‘Gem’ within the Free People community. I chatted with the brains behind the Fp One brand on the phone the other day, about how this label came about and couldn’t help but be slightly overwhelmed by her tales and experiences.

The designer for Fp One has lived in India for 20 years. Whilst visiting, she became intrigued and inspired by how these beautiful Indian workers, worked so effectively from their homes using traditional hand crafted techniques. She found herself joining these workers and getting involved in the process alongside them “ It was very hands on, and became very effective with the design process” She helped them make traditional techniques modern, to create items that now contribute to Free people’s top sellers!

Click here to view dress

The design details used on the Fp One garments are ideas that came from the design elements in the Free People stores like the Hangers, Curtains, Cushion covers and the mannequins. The designer for Fp One would play around with found fabrics that were easy and accessible to obtain, to create one-of-a kind fashion pieces with amazing character to them. You’ll find that most of the Fp One items are never the same as another in its style group.


Click here to view Crinkled Skirt

With the crinkle items that are doing well for us at the moment a technique is used that has been inhabited by the Indian workers for over 100 years, it’s a traditional technique made effective.

When the Fp One designer finds fabrics that are great she likes to push them to the best of their ability. Say for instance the Muslin Voile fabric that is used for the shopper bag in stores – it is also used for the ‘ends in sequins dress’ and the ‘petticoat dress’ featured on the front cover of the March Catalog – yep the same fabric can you believe it.


The Fp one items have a huge exclusivity appeal about them, just like vintage items do. I love how crafted each one is, the raw-ness of them and the delicate nature they have.

They are precious in more ways than one!


  1. the three dresses mentioned and pictures above have to be three of my very favourite FP pieces. If only I could afford even one :P But still, awesome stuff! And lovely to know about the FP1 Brand

  2. What a beautiful post!! I am a student and unfortunately FP stuff is mostly above my budget and I used to say I am sure I can get it cheaper somewhere else, ex. in India (my home country) but I could not. What FP offers is so unique and amazing. I looked and looked for the whole month that I was in India and found plenty of amazing things but nothing that was comparable to FP and this post tells you why. I found bits and pieces of what you find in one item at FP but not the whole. It takes creativity, imagination and skill to come up with the wonderful pieces you get at FP and this post explains why.

  3. I love everything at free people! It is so amazing… i love what you stand for, especially. And it reminds me so much of my favorite place in the world, California. But much like many of the other die-hard free people fans out there, I can barely afford anything this amazing store has to offer! On behalf of every Free People fan out there who is amazed by the creative, wonderful products you offer, I would like to suggest perhaps a sister line, a cheaper line with similar clothing and lower prices. Please just take it into consideration. LOVE,

    Free People Fan

  4. I’m in love with free people. The clothes are beautiful, especially the vintage items. Everything is amazingly creative and I can’t stop going through the site and looking at all the beautiful clothing. It’s inspiring. I just wish the clothing was cheaper. My budget doesn’t even let me touch the stuff on sale. I come from a middle-class family and am still waiting to get my own job, as I’m a teenager. I think you would be very much influential if you created a line for the more common range of prices. I think you guys could do it and revolutionize fashion.

    Just an idea(;

  5. I,too find most of your clothing a bit steep for my budget RIGHT now but will continue to go to your page to look @ all the luciousness you have to offer.FP has the lovliest clothing and all is to my taste…

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