march catalog drops tomorrow!

…and it’s a beauty.  says our creative director: “we wanted to keep it simple on a set rather than on location because we wanted the clothes and the outfits to shine on their own.”

and shine they do- this book makes me so excited for spring flowers and warm sunshine. i could totally see myself wearing any one of these outfits at a concert or music festival!

i’m dying over that outfit on the far right in the middle – the flare jeans, ruffle top and headband – sooo cute. shop the march catalog here!

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12 years ago

I also love the ruffle top is so cute!!

12 years ago

I love everything!!!!!

12 years ago

Aw :) beautiful! i hope i get this one! I never received the last catalog that I was really excited about :(

Winter Law
12 years ago

where do i find the middle far right left model’s dress? i love it