march models

there are some really beautiful girls gracing the pages of our march catalog. they are from IMG models in new york, and some of them are very successful models. i was looking into some of their portfolios and was really amazed by some of the work they’ve done. here are a few that stood out to me…

missy rayder:




hana soukupova:


irina shayk:

Irina Sheik-2

caroline winberg:



if you don’t get our catalog in the mail, you can check it out here.

click on images for source.


  1. Hi FP bloggers!

    I LOVE March’s catalog, but question is about the Gossamer Slip on page 12. I LOVE how it looks on the model on this page, but not so much with the layers on the model on the site. What is the model on page 12 wearing underneath? It looks like she’s got the Seamless Tupelo Honey Top, but there is something else she’s wearing too (2 things?) to give coverage on the skirt and also the halter-ish thing around her neck. Do you guys have those things for sale and if you do, could you send me a link? I’d super appreciate it!

    Oh, and do you recommend a different belt to wear with the dress? I like the idea of a belt but am not too impressed with the horse on that one :], but I’m not the BEST person to put together an outfit. . .


  2. hi ayla! i checked with our stylist and on pg. 12 the model is also wearing the sidewinder dress – which you can find here: she also said she really likes the creme slip with a brown or camel leather belt – maybe one of these –
    she also thinks the slip looks great with a bunch of bangles and a simple pendant necklace as well.
    hope this helps!

  3. definitely I falling in love, Irina Shayk is the most beautiful women in entire planet, I admired not only for her beauty also for her professionalism at the work time.

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