mural mural on the wall

this might be one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen.

inspired by a painting they found on ebay and paint by numbers artwork, scott and cheryl white turned their blank wall into mural art.  to do this they made a color transparency of the painting, and using a projector, traced the image onto the wall with pencil.  they then created a chart of all the colors and assigned them numbers, and got to work painting! it took them eight months to complete this masterpiece but imagine how much fun you’d have doing it! read more to see some awesome photos of the white’s wall before and after.



the painting they used reminds me of this one, which would look awesome (minus the words):

Picture 20

i would absolutely love to try this but i don’t know if i have the patience…would you do it?

source; last image.

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11 years ago

Came across this blog while searching for photos of old abandon houses. A photos of an old house that I wanted to post on my blog led me here and what a great site! I hope you don’t mind if I use the image in a blog post. I will give proper credit with a link back.


11 years ago

I love this!!! I am so gonna do this when i get my own place! :D

11 years ago

I got to do this in school, when I had my design chosen to be painted as a mural… I sketched it onto acetate, projected it, traced it and painted it! Such a fun job to do! (as long as you have a great playlist to paint to!)

6 years ago

the romans used to did this in their houses. like this:comment image