turn your dresser into a shelf!

yes it’s another dresser idea but i wanted to share this today too because i think its such a unique, cool idea.

if you happen to have a really old beat up dresser that you don’t use, take out the drawers and paint them a a bright color, line them with some cool wallpaper and turn it into a sweet-looking shelf!

i  think this would look awesome if you used some old vintage wallpaper like these…


so what do you guys think, would you try one of these ideas on your dresser?

project source; wallpaper images.


  1. This is an awesome idea!! I wish I had a old dresser I could use and the space to place it!! unfortunately I dont but I could do this in the oncoming future.

  2. Sooo smart!! I was looking for ideas for my flat! I am looking for good stuff online :)

    what do you think about Shopping.com Australia? Do you guys visit this website a lot?
    here the link if you don’t know it :) http://.au.shopping.com/

    Any other links to share?


  3. There are lots of neat wallpapers out there, but everyone wants to sell you a whole roll. Is there any place that just sells odds and ends?, e.g. the small amount it would take to do a project like this? Thanks! :)

  4. Megs – you can try a paper store. They sell poster sized sheets of paper in all different patterns and textures. I love Casa Papel in Philadelphia. Or you could use old maps to line the shelves.

  5. I saw something really similar in the ReadyMade book.
    That magazine is a must have for the creative mind.

  6. I once did something similar with old drawers that were being discarded from my apartment building– from a kitchen that was being re-done. I really like the idea of lining the drawers for some extra color. One could also try wrapping paper or contact paper, available in lots of patterns in hardware stores (designed for lining shelves and drawers)– or even scented drawer liner paper, which is often available very cheaply at places like T.J. Maxx.


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