A festival wrap up


It’s been 1 week since we’ve been back from Coachella and I am having massive withdrawal symptoms.  I’ve been shifting through my pictures and reminiscing almost every day.

One thing’s for sure the music was insane and fueled a lot of inspirational thought, from fashion to feeling.

These are some bands I am aspiring to at the moment. Individualism makes me tick and these guys sure have it.

Coachella has been a blast for us and we’re hoping these become a more frequent topic of conversation on the blog. Anyone going to upcoming festivals, we’d love to know?


  1. Ahhh I could see andrew from mgmt being a free people boy that’s if there was a free people for boys ;) maybe he would just date a free people girl right!?
    Nice music round up, love fever ray. Yo! X

  2. Your review of Coachella Festival is awesome, it looks like so much fun and lots of free spirited people.I must go to a festival this year!! x

  3. I hope I get to go to Coachella one day, it looks like a total blast!

    I’m going to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival MOVEMENT over Memorial Day weekend! My friends and I can’t wait!

  4. Would lurve to go to Coachella Festival! can totally feel your vibe! Pics are very impressive!

  5. Hello, I live in Australia and am planning to go to this amazing festival in August…. called Splendour in the Grass….

    Sort of like Woodstock or Coachella, but Australian version, maybe… ?
    (Well, nothing will ever be exactly like Woodstock!)

    here’s the link:

  6. I missed coachella this year! I couldn’t take off many days from work at urban. I’m planning on going to Bonnaroo again this year, and definently All Good. I know what it’s like to have festival withdrawl! Festivals are what I live for! So jealous that you get to go for style recon…what a dream job..to go to festivals and admire the music, scene, and style all for work!

  7. Coool! Can’t wait to get a load of Local Natives. Amazing reports, thank youooou fp jemma xx

  8. I’d love to escape reality and be at Coachella right now!! not to mention meeting the amazing Andrew Vanwyngarden! you lucky ladyyy!

  9. Coachella was amazing!!!!!! hope you saw matt & kim.

    but check out the hard fest this summer

    hard la has M.I.A, flying lotus and a bunch of other good people playing. so does hard summer

  10. first of all THANKS for posting 2 of my Coachella pictures! That was awesome to see, & coachella was absolutely AMAZING. Some of my favorites were Passion PIt, Phoenix, Bassnectar, Deadmau5 and MGMT.

    I’m also going to Bonnarroo in less than a month. I’ll send in pictures! xxx

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