a suitcase for morocco

the climate in morocco is warm almost all year round, although temperatures do differ depending on where you stay – coastal towns are much cooler and marrakesh can be pretty hot, especially in summer months.  an item like the fes romper would be the first thing in my suitcase because it’s casual and cool for daytime but could be dressed up at night.  for the hot days exploring the medina and sightseeing around the city pack some shorts, a tank and some comfy sneakers or sandals.  layering pieces like the scandalous lace top and irina slip dress are perfect and take up little room in your suitcase, and of course- lots and lots of gold jewelry and a sun hat!

items pictured above are as follows:

1. medina sun hat; 2. 3/4 sleeve scandalous lace top; 3. sunshine for my love dress; 4. golden fern bracelet; 5. fes romper; 6. chaabi chandelier earrings; 7. cast net bag; 8. coin drop belt; 9. cleo lace up sandal; 10. haiku tank; 11. irina slip dress; 12. stained and distressed keds; 13. benji’s linen cargo short.


  1. I am actually going to Morocco in May! And as crazy as it sounds, a Free People catalog may have seeded my desire to plan such a trip. It going to be a challenge to beat the heat, be sufficiently modest (no sleeveless tops), and capture the inspiration of the locale.

    Thanks for the suitcase!

    P.S. I have ordered a bunch of items for my vacation already from Free Peopl!

  2. I’m going in June – love it! Shame the only things you could really get away with in Morocco is the hat and the sneakers since it’s a Muslim country and one must be modest!

    Great idea though :-)

  3. hey i`m from casablanca and wear shorts,Helen june is a hot month,you gotta bring some sleeveless and shorts,once you`re here,you`ll see that girls dress way freely than you think! and you`re a tourist,no one is really going to notice!so pack your most beautiful shorts and dresses!!
    @Erica: bring a warm sweather,may is usually not that warm,you`ll need it at night most definitly!
    hope you`ll have fun girls,don`t hesitate to ask me any questions! :)

  4. Asmaa, thanks for the awesome advice! I am really excited to hear this!! I’ll be there two weeks smack in the middle of May. I am going to Marrakesh for a week, Merzouga (near the Erg Chebbi) for 3 days, and finally to Skoura for a couple of days. Should I even have some jeans on hand?

    Some FP stuff I own that I thought could be fun:


    (as a cover up with tanks, etc)

    Also, I may be in Casablanca for a few hours late at night before we catch our flight home. Anywhere to go that you would suggest?
    Or any other advice? :D

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