a taste of morocco

much like the culture itself, moroccan cuisine is extremely diverse – a literal melting pot of berber, moorish, mediterranean, arab and african influences.  spices, dried fruits and vegetables are used extensively in most dishes, often served with couscous.  meals are also typically served with bread, which is used as a utensil for scooping up food and soaking in its rich flavor.  our team told me they ate a lot of tagine- morocco’s most popular and common dish. tagine is a slow cooked stew that combines meat, vegetables, sometimes fruit, and loads of spices.  they’re usually served in really neat looking pots called tagines, like the one above, from which the meal gets its name.




wash down your meal with a refreshing glass of mint green tea, the country’s most popular drink. the tea is carefully made in a ritual like process considered by some to be an art form. our team was happy to make this part of their evening ritual :)


finally, and perhaps the best part, morocco produces massive quantities of oranges and every day you can walk into the medina of marrakech and get freshly squeezed orange juice made with the ripest, most perfectly sunkissed oranges you’ve ever seen.

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10 years ago

looks delicious.

10 years ago

if i were to want to work at the fp headquarters one day in a business dpt, would that be easy or hard?

10 years ago

Looks great!

10 years ago

That’s amazing!!! I guess this was a great experience for them.

nicole cupcakes
10 years ago


10 years ago

i made a tagine for dinner the other night! yums!

10 years ago

I am spending a week in Marrakesh in May. Any must sees or must dos?