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when we did a survey on the blog earlier this year we asked you all to answer the question “if the free people blog were a travel destination, where would it be?”  topping out the responses was india, and a close second was morocco…which was interesting because we had just finished shooting our april catalog there!  morocco is a mythical place with an incredibly rich culture and fabled cities like tangier, the vibrant gateway to africa, casablanca, made legendary by the 40s hollywood movie named after it, and of course marrakech, where our team stayed.



our creative director explained to me that they wanted to stay in marrakech because that’s where all the action is.  in addition to having one of the country’s largest traditional african markets (called a souk), marrakech is also home to one of the busiest squares in all of africa, and the world- called djemaa el fna. Walk into this square on any day and you’re likely to go into sensory overload: orange juice stands, acrobats, monkeys, snake charmers, storytellers, musicians, dancers and handmade goods are just some of the things you’ll see.  at night the food stalls take over, filling the air with exotic aromas and creating a massive open-air restaurant full of mingling people.  exit into the medina, marrakech’s old city, and lose yourself in a shadowy maze of walls and narrow streets where donkey-driven carts replace automobiles.  the city’s artistic culture and vibrance made it a popular destination for hippies in the 1960s who flocked there in search of inspiration and free expression…and in marrakech, inspiration is lurking around every corner.

this month we are very excited to bring you along on our journey through the magical, mysterious place that is morocco…stay tuned.


images from our catalog and taken by our producer. shop our april catalog here.


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