Coachella Day 2



Only one more day left, and im already feeling a little blue, its going to be hard to leave this fun land.
Saturday was one of our Fp girl’s birthdays and of course we celebrated in style. Woke up to a champagne breakfast, which after a night of heavy dancing was the best thing ever!

We chilled out on the patio soaking in the sun rays then headed into the festival giggling to cheesy pop in the car. Parked in VIP then snap happy me got to work. The look for Saturday was definitely long dresses (the Meadows were out in full force) loads of girls were wearing feathers tied in their hair too, which i thought was pretty cute.

An inspirational idea i had from the girls here was to wear the cute lingerie slips with denim shirts an idea i might just steal!
It was so nice to see a lot of people recycling their Free People shopping bag too and using it as a great festival bag, i was also choked to see a guy sporting one and still managing to look cool!

The music of the night made me so proud to be British…
Hot Chip, The XX ( oh oh oh Jay-Z came on and collaborated with them, which was beyond amazing) and headliner of the night MUSE. Geeeezzzzz Louise the MUSE was incredible – a great performance that blow me off the face of the earth. A visual masterpiece with the sickest light show ever!

Got back to the villa feeling pretty dazed – an amazing day!

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10 years ago

This is making me feel sick, the best coachella update ever!!!!

10 years ago

Oh Fp you are teasing your UK followers waited all day for this post and you didn’t fail to excite. Will Free People ever land in the UK, you like such a free spirited group who just seem to know what we want. I’d love to be a meadow girl in Coachella but will make do with Glastonbuury for now X

10 years ago

Oh to be free and inspirational, surrounded by fashion and music….what else could you want…. enjoying the

10 years ago

Loving the pics of you guys, all looking super cute! Those bags are a festival must, I get comments on mine all day long. Thanks for the coachella updates x

10 years ago
10 years ago

Loving these updates, Fp girls def know how to do festivsl….you rock! xx

10 years ago

im loving this a lot!!!

10 years ago

Where can I purchase the fp carrier bags?? Love them!! Gotta have one… or two :)

fp Jemma
10 years ago

you get them when you purchase something from a free people store – they are great and so pretty for the summer!

meg Hayne
10 years ago

great job jemma, your readers are loving your posts.

10 years ago

amazing updates!! You guys are awesome for showing all of us who couldn’t make it what’s going on! Thank you.

10 years ago

Amazing pics…….alao liking the lingerie slip and shirt x

Lovind this blog!!

10 years ago

Nice Photos !
The clothes remind me of another brand… I think it’s called Kulbanana. is the website.

I love this blog!

10 years ago

I wish you were at every festival free people!!!

10 years ago

Wow, what cute little festival diary! You guys look awesome and like you’re having so much fun. I love the styling pictures and thanks for putting them up so quickly Jemma! x

10 years ago

Great pics xx Looks a FAB festival….love the blog..xx

10 years ago

Where are the pics from the Store Birthday Event in Topanga on Saturday???

10 years ago

An inspiration to read and pics to admire…..wish I was there…xx FAB and FUN…what else is there..xx Love it..!!!xx