Coachella The last Day :( :( :(


Coachella is done and dusted and yes I am so sad. Nothing beats the epic adventure of a Festival, it’s like you morph into another world for a couple of days then your transported right back into reality.

Our last day started off again, with another amazing cooked breakfast – french toast!
A guy was staying with us who was out of this world ( he’s the one that has been making us 5* feasts every morning) – A nut bag at night/incredible host by day ( he’s the one dancing like a crazy fool above with the head band on).

We tend to take it easy in the day and head into the festival @ 4 because we know for sure alot of energy is going to be needed. So yep Yogo and lazing by the pool were the activities that took up most of our afternoon.

We got dressed up and headed to soak up the last evening of Coachella. The girls of Sunday were very relaxed, denim shorts, cute tops and loose dresses. My favourite looks of the day were the two girls wearing dresses, wayfarers, Dr Martins and Converses and yep there was hundred girls wearing Free People again.

Headliners of the night Thom Yorke and aaaahhhhhhhhh GORILLAZ!!! didn’t disappoint, as you can expect from Gorillaz the animations were on another level and Thom Yorke really made us dance our souls away.

At the end of the evening everyone stampeded to the exit, cheering with little sad faces as Coachellla has yet again proved to be an awesome festival.

Coachella I want you every year!!!

Thanks for following my news feeds and I hope Free People can bring to you more Festivals in the future.

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You’ve done an amazing job at giving us coachella thank you free people


coachella is an event sponsored by free people?

hi anonymous! coachella is a music festival that takes place every year in indio, california. four of our girls attended this year and we had our fashion blogger doing live updates :)


This is so much fun my friend was photographed by Freepeople so was so happy!!!


So sad to read the last of the updates from Coachella :( Loved your fashion trends, music reviews and girly fun. xxx

i am more sad them you because i couldn’t go =( lovely outfits as always!! peace & love


I want coachella every year too


Hi Fp these posts have been so much fun – loved them!!


wish i was doing Coachella Free people style. i love what you have brought to us free people. you should do this again!


Bye coachella, fp should do every festival adding their whimsical, girly charm! Bonaroo next!? Lol! Thanks fp!

emma Curran

Jems you are living your wildest dreams totes jel


Coachella every year for Free People please..!!xx Enjoyed these free spirited, fun loving posts. Thanks Jemma…xxx