greetings from california!

good morning! our team sent along this awesome behind the scenes photo from california, where they’re shooting our fall wholesale catalog.  the location looks so beautiful, i can’t wait to see the end result!


  1. Hey! where can I check out the wholesale catalogs? i would love to see the current one since your free people catalogs are such a source of inspiration…its my dream to work on the crew that makes them happen!:)

  2. where are they shooting in CA? I would love to see the catalog too! please post images!! BTW I am super excited u r finally coming to Orange County! Be sure to post the grand opening events on the blog… so i can try to go. thanks<3

  3. hi guys! this is actually our first wholesale catalog! it won’t be out until fall, but i will definitely post more info (and photos if possible!) when i have it!

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