home sweet home – episode 2 preview!

for the second episode of home sweet home we paid a visit to one of our most inspirational fp girls – our creative director.  now, before we went to her place i was told what it looked like, but if i hadn’t known i’m sure i would have thought we were lost when we pulled up out front.  she lives in a large, renovated garage that it is by far one of the coolest spaces i have ever seen.   like a geode, it appears a little rough on the outside but crack it open and the beauty inside will take your breath away…i could have spent an entire day exploring the treasures that abound throughout her home – it is full of trinkets that she has picked up throughout her travels and i can only imagine the stories that lie behind each tiny detail.


in her words…

“i always love places that are not so pretty on the outside. i like to surprise people with the interiors. don’t judge a book by its cover.

when i was little my father lived in key west, florida. i went to visit him and was surprised to see his house was hardly painted and looked kind of haunted. i said, “daddy! you live here!?” and then when he brought me inside it was quite nice. he told me back in the day it was a way to deter the tax collectors from knocking on your door. so now i just surprise my friends and they say the same thing – “you live here!?”

what sold her on this place?

“it was the big cast iron beams! i saw great potential in the ceiling.”

it took quite a bit of work to transform the space into what it is now – and lucky for us, she has pictures of the progress. read on for many more photos, and stay tuned for the video coming later today!



since the garage is just a big open studio space, she had a loft area built in –  encased in the wood is a roomy closet and on top, the bedroom and bath. her boyfriend painted the walls, and covered the newly built wood walls with repurposed plaster lath. the biggest change was opening up the back wall and putting in lots of windows to flood the space with light.



here are some of my favorite shots of her place…








“clothing is quite satisfying to make because it happens quickly…and it is a real thrill to see someone wearing something you made.  revamping an industrial building takes time even though you want it all to be finished yesterday. it is a real test of patience which is hard for me – i like things fast. it is a project that is never-ending! i love bringing friends into the space and telling them this has been my project for the last year. and you are always learning from your mistakes. i am always thinking ‘next time i will do it like this.’ i still walk down the streets of philly just looking and fantasizing about what i would do with that god awful looking place. it is my hobby!”


so long pups!

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13 years ago

This is wonderful!

13 years ago

im speechless.
this is absolutely incredible.

13 years ago

now i really, really miss her! :(

13 years ago

love this place!

13 years ago

WOW, that is truly awesome, I would love to live in a garage especially that one, I have seen some really cool places to live in my time but I think that tops it all. Having the ability to park your car in front of the T.V has always been a dream of mine. Thanks for sharing this.

6 years ago

Really cool place. Definitely the “in” look at the moment. What an amazing transformation! The interior is everything.