meet lou!

lou is our guy’s girl – a tomboy with a feminine side who can be sexy without losing her rough and tumble, rock n’ roll edge.   she’s the type of girl who can roll out of bed and throw on cutoffs and a t-shirt and walk out the door without any makeup. the key to her style is being ready to hop on her skateboard or bike at a moment’s notice and disappear in a cloud of dust, because she’s always moving – with the wind in her hair and her beat-up sneakers or boots on her feet.

to capture the gritty style and energy that is lou we went to FDR park in philadelphia, a perfect location with its mix of grunge and beauty.  it winds around a scenic lake with ducks and blossoming trees and ends under the highway with a skatepark, where the sound of wheels grinding on concrete made our ‘lou’ right at home.  here are some of our special shots to give you some insight into the spirit of lou!


more photos below!






shop the lou style here!

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who was the photographer and stylist for this shoot?

mary makesense

love this site and your facebook page!!! I started mary makesense to connect with people in fashion world and share info on great products!!!I love this new product my girlfriend told me about from They connect to strapless bras and you show them off like shoulder jewelry!!


who is this new model? love her!!!


Amazing ;-)


Yeah I like the new model (oh! a real person!!) — you guys should go this route. use REAL females instead of those poles with boob jobs

I’m actually surprised that a company like you guys aren’t the first to push the ‘real model’ thing. I think in your position, you could really start a revolution


i feel like f.p. and me are leading parallel lives.
the model from the “vintage inspired prints” e-letter must be my long lost twin, and the styling/concept of this shoot is almost identical to something i did last summer…

what i’m trying to say is i love you free people…

i’m so happy to see that you guys shot “lou” at FDR park. what a great place to take grungy/fashionable photos.


Lou also reminds me of myself. I too love to climb trees and know no boundaries. Keep up the good work Lou! bronwyn, while I too like the idea of bringing some realism to models, I find your comment to be highly offensive. First, I doubt any of the fp models had “boob jobs”. Second, implying that thin girls aren’t “real” people says all too much about yourself. While I recognize it is a popular saying these days, it is something that has always bothered me. I move, I breathe, I live. Am I not real? All women of all… Read more »


Yay, finally a Fp ‘Girl’ that fits me! Oh, how your company never ceases to disappoint me :)


Oops, I meant never disappoints me. Never ceases to AMAZE me :)

thanks so much for all the feedback everyone! i think you guys might like our upcoming may catalog…it features real girls who work for free people :)


I could easily see Erin Wasson fitting the persona of Lou.


This post made me want to hop on my old longboard for a spin, so I did.


That Lou is amazing. You certainly need to use her more. I want to buy everything she wears!!!


Lou you look awesome. My kinda girl. I shredded up allston, MA all dayyyy. Peace


My friend is the model in this. “A” you look great!!!!!!!!


I wish you guys had chosen a better model to fit this role! love the concept of this all but definitely need to find a girl who is truly lou to rock this look!