thursday poll – edition 90

we have a really fun poll for you today! take a look at these five girls and vote for the one that you feel like you relate to the most:

girl number one:

girl number two:

girl number three:

girl number four:

girl number five:

we had a huge turnout for last week’s dress poll – 898 votes! the winner, with 35% was the casablanca dress.

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13 years ago

I still love the skirt of Girl Number 4, but not with that white tank and jean jacket.

sarah ann
13 years ago

not a lover of pink but i would rock that dress like nobodies business. shoes make the dynamics of the design pop. luvit

13 years ago

Man I had elements of each of them I like but overall I went with four, def the most hippie and I love hippie clothes.

Jenny B
13 years ago

Please send the dress pictured in Box 1!! Where do I send my shipping address?! :-) I’m a size XS

13 years ago

I’m totally w/ girl n. 4 that skirt is perfect!!!

13 years ago

renata looks greeeeeaaaatttt!! she makes it too hard to choose

13 years ago

wait what is that dress in #1 i NEED IT

13 years ago

wow, it was hard to decide, i’m always in bright, rainbow-y colors, like girl 4, but my fav color is pink, and i love girly things :) so i went with girl 1. I love all the outfits though! :D

13 years ago

WAIT! I’m all these girls…sometimes all in one day, so hard to choose!!!