where to stay in marrakech

when our team went to morocco to shoot the april catalog their first stop was marrakech.  they stayed in a gorgeous spot just outside the city, where small streets and alleyways recede into a vast grove of palm trees.  the sounds of the city are a distant memory as you enter a peaceful oasis where oranges grow on trees and roses climb the walls towards your balcony window.  the hotel is called les deux tours and these pictures taken by our producer speak for themselves…








“fall asleep in a cozy alcove or in a magnificent four-poster bed with a warming fire crackling in the hearth.  wake in the morning to the sound of blackbirds singing and turtledoves calling.  watch the first rays of sunlight filter through the fine white haik curtains… less is more. the simple modern style highlights the elegance of traditional décor.  walls and draperies are in soft tones and white monochrome, emphasizing the overall beauty and fine detail of the furnishings…there is nothing to suggest the wild profusion of vegetation that lies behind the heavy studded gates.  clusters of bougainvillea and jasmine trail along arcades and over balconies.  dark green vaults of fig and carob trees provide shelter for outdoor terraces and seville orange trees are heavy with fruit…”

for more info on the hotel click here.

stay tuned because the next stop on our journey through morocco is the scenic coastal town of essaouira!


  1. I plan to go next year to morroco im learning arabic now and currently know the basic words…i wanted to go to the western sahara but im not sure, its great that you guys are putting this up so i can get ideas of where to go and stay

  2. Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! You are making me definately want to add Morocco on my list of places to travel to someday! :)

  3. Hi! i will be in morocco this summer…! i’m very excited!!!
    i don’t know very well the places…but i hope to discover it very soon! surely i will see all the things to see and do in Marrakech :-) it will be amazing….thanks for your photos…very beautiful!

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