a tour of our new home

as you may know, our home offices are located in philadelphia’s navy yard, an old navy ship yard that is home to some really cool, old warehouse buildings that urban outfitters renovated to house our offices. building 15 has been our home for the last few years but next month we will be moving to the neighboring building 25, which is bigger – and has two floors as opposed to one!

on friday we were treated to a special tour of the new building (it is still under construction) and i snapped some photos to share with you all! i think we are all very excited for the move, especially after seeing the amazing new space- and the fact that it is right on the water makes me very happy :)

read on for more photos of our new home and to see the special treat waiting for us at the end…

b25 037


b25 019

i love the arched windows and exposed brick!

b25 030

to give you an idea how high the ceiling is- this is on the second floor!

b25 025

b25 026

the view from the second floor back windows…looking at the delaware river!


And the view towards our old building – see how small it is?! (the one to its right is closer to the size of our new building).  the dry dock next to our building is pretty cool too –and the plan for it is amazing! the letters URBN will float in the water, covered with grass and flowers! i can’t wait for it all to be completed.


b25 010

wait a minute…what’s going on in there?

b25 038

it’s a party!

b25 039

b25 041

now that’s what i call a good end to a friday :)


  1. Wow, what an amazing office! I applied for a few photography/design related jobs at the urbn home office and I must say i’m a little jealous of the current employees! :) such a beautiful space – and I love the big windows, great for photos. Nice space, you guys!

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