1. That puppy is BEYOND adorable! Why do all these puppies show up?? haha :)

    I have some off-topic questions, hope thats okay!

    – When do you think the next intership will be?

    – Do we have to live in PA? If not, we will pay for our hotel, and plane etc?

    – Do we have to be a grad? Can we be in school(college), or recent high school grads?

  2. This is an adorable puppy. I had one just like it and now she is a most adorable full gone mini dashound. I love her so much and she has the heart and courage of our 110 pound brownn lab! They are best friends and they are the cutest when they play together. They make my life so full!

  3. hi amanda! we allow dogs in the workplace here so there everywhere!
    i don’t know when the next internship will be but if i hear of anything it will be posted on the blog so keep checking! you do not have to live in PA, i will have to get back to you on the hotel/plane fare question. and yes you can be a college student. thanks!

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