how about a giveaway?

good morning! it’s a dreary tuesday in philly but we want to brighten your day with a little giveaway :)  all you have to do is tell us your favorite hobby and your favorite summertime activity – leave your response in the comments and we’ll pick someone at random to receive this adorable little pouch! i love this, i think it would be perfect tied to a belt loop at concerts or festivals.

we’ll pick a winner at random tomorrow morning!

*make sure you leave your email address so we can contact you if you’re selected.

UPDATE: we have a winner! congrats to heather from massachusetts, who said:

“my favorite hobby is taking pictures of EVERYTHING i see, and my favorite summertime activity is going to festivals with my friends.”

thanks so much everyone for your comments!!!


  1. My favorite hobby in the summer is reading in the sunshine, and my favorite activity is playing in orchestral summer festivals.

  2. i canoe, swim, and sail in the summer – there’s a beautiful lake that i spend a week at every year with friends, even though i’ve now moved 500 miles away from it!
    hobby?…dreaming up projects…searching for inspiration and finding it…occasionally waking up and actually making something :)

  3. Every summer I immediately pick up homemade jewelry-making, which I do on an old wooden picnic table by the water behind my house. For me, summer is a time for artistic growth and self-discovery. I love tinkering around with different hobbies to find out what I might like. Traveling is my favorite activity. Whether it be a mini-raod trip for an essential concert, or a journey on-foot to a pretty spot I’v heard about, seeing new things always enhances my love for the world, and keeps me feeling alive.

  4. My favorite hobby or summertime activity is driving down to the shore with all of my friends. Laying on the beach, walking the boardwalk in search of mac and mancos pizza and italian ice!

  5. i was just thinking the same thing when i saw that funky little pouch…perfect for concert (i hate bringing a bag blaaaahh haha)

    my favourite hobby is listening to music! at concert, on my ipod, while i should be working…i am listening to led zeppelin right now haha. I love music it is my biggest hobbie for sure!
    Fav summertime activity would be camping. I just love being outdoors (in the summer time) not showering for days, going to the beach, campfires with smores and hot dogs, hiking. I love everything about camping!!

  6. My favourite hobby is making headbands while listening to vinyl records!

    And during the summer, I love building teepees in my backyard and having big camp out parties with my friends. We run around, talk about boys, and laugh until sunrise.

  7. Favorite hobbies~ knitting, sewing, guitar, and photography

    Summer activities~ hiking to my favorite lake, swimming, frisbee, longboarding, and sunbathing

  8. Two of my favorite hobbies are reading and going to shows. My favorite summertime activities are traveling and going to the beach in the evening to enjoy the cooler weather, smaller crowds, and beautiful views.

  9. My favorite hobby is crocheting and in the summer I love to go rock hopping in the creek with my brother, where we jump off the waterfall!

  10. My favorite hobby is picking flowers and ferns out of my mom’s garden and making bouquets.

    My favorite activity is anything outside…hiking, canoeing, swimming, biking, and talking evening walks with the dogs.

  11. My favorite hobby is making dresses! My favorite summertime activity is going on nature walks and traveling to far away beaches :)

  12. My favorite hobby is thrift store sifting!
    In the summer I love to lay in the grass and let the sun shine down on me, the winter weather gets me down.

  13. My favorite summertime hobby is altering the past summer’s dresses and tops to give them a new edge. My fave activity in the summer is walking my American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix, Kelso!

  14. My favorite hobby is photography and horseback riding.

    My favorite abosolute favorite summer (and all the time!) activity is going to concerts and festivals.

  15. My favorite hobby is gardening and my favorite summertime activity is visiting my local flea market. Thanks!

  16. I love wandering by the ocean at around dusk, either early morning or late evening. It’s serene & I love people watching, & watching the sun rise or set, the waves, how chilly it is – It’s very beautiful. I love summer. My favorite hobby is yoga.

  17. i like painting animals – especially lions and bears. and my favorite summer activity would be running in central park! or going to all the free concert series events all over new york!

  18. hobby: craft making and selling them down at the dock by the water
    activity-kayaking with a book in my hand/collecting sea glass on the beach

  19. My favorite hobby is baking- especially banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. My favorite summer activity is evening picnics with friends in one of the local parks.

  20. My favorite summer activity is playing hula hoop with my friends and go to those second hand markets.
    My hobby is bellydancing and craft making or everything that involves creativity. :)

  21. My favorite hobby in the summer is many:
    painting landscapes and beautiful natural things
    Scrapbooking photos
    Sipping raspberry tea :)

  22. Favorite hobby: Definitely watercolor painting- people, flowers, buildings, cars, anything.
    Favorite summertime activity: daytime trips to the lake with friends. Nothing is better than floating in the water all afternoon and a picnic by the shore.

  23. My favorite hobby is estate sale-ing

    and my favorite summer activity is most definitely swimming – perfect scenario: hiking through the woods and coming across a spring fed stream and then stripping down and jumping in, so refreshing!

  24. I love making charactures! I practice on people at work to keep my skills sharp for my friends and acquaintances. If you’ve brightened up my day I can guarantee one day when you least expect it there will be a characture in your mail box waiting to put a smile on your face! : )

    I love bonfires in the summer! you can have them anywhere (backyard, beach, campsite) we swap stories, eat smores, dance, play frisbee, and someone always has a guitar. good times with good people, what more can you ask for

  25. favorite hobby: reading harry potter with a cup of tea
    fave activity: going to the beach with friends!

  26. my favorite hobby is reading and writing poetry
    my favorite SUMMER activity is sitting in the hot sunshine eating a popsical

  27. arts and crafts, living in a box of paint, my favorite hobby throughout the year, summer time when the living in easy i like to get on my bike and ride!

  28. Joined a soccer team last summer, and it was my first time ever playing. I am now on 4 different leagues, and love it -hobby

    Summer activity, painting my patio cement squares of my travel experiences, enjoying them for the week, month or sometimes only a few days, then taking photos of them, and repainting over them another new experience I have had, or song lyric that inspires me at the time.

  29. My Favorite Hobby: Spending quality time with my 14 month old! Love that little guy!
    My Favorite Summertime Activity: Road trips with the Family! ;-)

  30. my favorite hobby is taking pictures of EVERYTHING i see. and my favorite summertime activity is going to festivals with my friends

  31. My favorite hobby for summer would be collecting bugs with my daughter and my favorite summer activity is traveling to different states to visit all of my friends that I don’t get to see the remainder of the year.

  32. Favorite hobby- Bellydance!

    Favorite summertime activity- traveling anywhere I can!!

  33. My favorite hobby would have to be taking photographs!
    My favorite summer time activity would be camping and riding my bike around town =)

    p.s. love the pouch, perfect for festivals!

  34. favorite hobby is making jewlery and favorite summer activity is traveling around the world!

  35. My favorite summer time hobby is bike riding with my son! My favorite activity is surfing! There is nothing better!

  36. favorite hobby- Bellydancing!

    Favorite summer activity- traveling wherever I can!

  37. Fav. hobby is taking pictures with my new Nikon and learning to Hoop! Combining the two creates my fav. new hobby!
    Fav. summer activity is taking the 3 best months of the year and fitting in as many concerts, festivals, and traveling as possible!!!

  38. I love to drawl in the summer. I spend a lot of time in the park with my journal. I also love going to the First Friday Art Walks in the summer, and playing Arobie in the park with my boyfriend.

  39. My favorite summer activity is going to the beach and spending all my time outdoors. My hobby for this summer will be collecting seashells and doing something creative with them at the end of the sesason.

  40. Hobby – playing sweet melodies on piano

    Summertime – traveling the world and swimming in the ocean

  41. my favorite hobby all year long is DaNcEeEe!!! but nothing beats laying on the beach in the summer :)

  42. Favorite thing definitely is to go out in the pasture and love on Sky, a Colonial Spanish Mustang. That bag would look great tied to her saddle! Of course, if Sky’s not in the mood, I go out back and try to figure out a natural way to keep the birds out of my peach trees. But more than anything, my favorite pastime is telling my daughter how very much she is loved. She’s definitely a FP kinda gal!

  43. Hey there FP! :)

    Hobby: Lately, I’ve been using the dreary days to spend with my 82-year old grandma (Memaw!), writing her biography for her. The whole family loves to read and listen to her stories of living through the Great Depression and two wonderful husbands!

    Summertime Activity: Reading under a tree, while sipping on sweet tea. :) Sighhh.

  44. hobby:taking pictures with friends and making collages
    activity: i love white water rafting!

  45. Hi FP!

    My favourite activities: art, playing guitar/drums & listening to music.

    Favourite summertime activity: home made videos & painting! Unfortunately I won’t get to this as much as I would like to this summer, as I’m a student nurse and the majority of my summer will be working in the hospital – should be amazing though!


  46. favorite hobby: treasure hunting at thrift stores

    summer activity: riding my yellow beach bike in sunny Capitola, CA

  47. my favorite hobby is listening to music REALLY LOUD while doing some kind of craft. :]

    my favorite summertime activity is going to the beach, camping, and taking a walk in the gorgeous SUN!

  48. my favorite hobby is dancing hula. actually, crafting is more my hobby, and hula is my life! my favorite activity in the summer is performing in san francisco’s ethnic dance festival. every weekend in june different ethnic dance troupes perform at the beautiful palace of fine arts commencing with casual lobby shows and concluding with impromptu dance parties in the lobby with the performers, musicians, and audience members. it’s my favorite weekend in the whole year! (www.

  49. Favorite hobby- Garage sale shopping for cute vintage clothes, cameras, purses, and records.
    Favorite Summer time activity- Definitely, mini golf with friends and family!

  50. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my 3 month old daughter. She brightens up my day! This is going to be our first summer with her and it is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to take her to the beach and let her play in the sand. That is my my favorite summertime activity.

  51. hobbies—- lets see, anything art related.
    my favorite thing to do in the summer is dance five hours of ballet everyday in a 100 degree non-airconditioned studio!

  52. My favorite hobby is figure skating. :)
    My favorite summertime activity is taking walks along the beach or in beautiful gardens.

  53. hobby/activity -painting, going to the beach,and finding great vintage finds at flea-markets

  54. My favorite hobby is scrap booking. Putting all my memories in one place and having something to look at over the years and see how my girls are growing. Hanging out at the pool with my princesses is my favorite summer activity and rode trips!

  55. I love to attend music festivals all around the spanish coast
    as Gainsbourg sang: sea, sex and sun

  56. my favorite summer activity is THE BEACH! and laying in the sun.
    and my favorite hobby is baking delicious summer treats for friends.

  57. In my spare time I love taking pictures, making collage, or gardening. In the summer, I love having picnics with my boyfriend or walking around Philadelphia with my friends.

  58. My hobby is working out and staying active and my favorite summer activity is attending outdoor concerts by the lakefront in Chicago, IL! :)

  59. I love to read and I try to spend as much time as I can doing so and even rereading my old books. My favorite summertime activity is catching old movies at one of those outdoors movie theaters.

  60. I love to take baby Lucy out for walks! also just being with the girls on a boat is amazing too!

  61. I love to paint. I paint anything and everything I can get my hands on, old doors, windows, chairs…etc. And my favorite summer time activity is going to concerts, festivals, carnivals, and baseball games. I’m always outside at some kind of event!

  62. During the summer in Austin Texas I like to hike the greenbelt trails and hang out at the water holes. There are cliffs to jump off or flats to relax at. If I’m feeling brave I’ll float down the creek sometimes. I’ll be spending all day at the greenbelt today actually!

  63. sittting on docks on summer nights letting the waves of the lake hit my feet one after the other and capturing memories in black and white photography.

  64. My favorite hobby is reading with my puppy! My favorite summertime activity is jumping on my trampoline in a dress with biker shorts underneath-no untoward exposure, but the feeling of me dress flying out and then poofing out as I go down makes me feel free-spirited without a care in the world.

  65. My favorite new hobby is screen printing. Favorite summer activity is anything that involves being outside..boating, biking, etc!

  66. My favorite summer time activitity could be long as im playing w/ my son in the sunshine :) My favey hobby is either working on scrape books or taking photos~

  67. My absolute favorite summertime hobby is putting together scrapbooks from photographs and memorabilia collected over the past months.

    Favorite activity? Easy! Summer concert series at the beach (Hermosa Beach, CA to be exact)! Music, food, wine, and friends- what more could you ask for?!


  68. my fav hobby is working with my kids when I do children’s dance theatre. i think it’s a great experience because I get to use dance to help expand their minds w/movement in different ways through stories, music, weight sharing, pictures etc. it’s an awesome thign to watch kids learn from you and grow in the process =)

  69. My favorite activity in the summer is going to the beach! I love putting on my bathing suit and a cute free people dress for a cover up and hitting the sand and sun!

  70. I just graduated from college with a bachelor’s of science degree this past sunday, and now that I get a little bit of a break from all the school chaos and stress… my favorite hobby at the moment is just sitting back, being lazy and enjoying the sunshine, or lack thereof at times here in wisconsin haha. There is nothing better than relaxing and thinking about what the future has to hold for me.

  71. I absolutely love screen-printing! my fiance and i work on different unique and creative designs to screen print all the time! we are working hard on putting together a clothing company with a artistic and earth-friendly vibe, its called sleepy tree clothing company! so i would have to say that is my favorite hobby as for summer activity, the two of us enjoy going a long adventures where we just drive around to find a descrete place in the middle of nowhere then walk around in the wilderness taking pictures and enjoying our new found secret place. love love love love.

  72. My favorite hobby is collaging while listening to records up in my warm room. My favorite summertime activity is heading to the beach with a picnic and good friends.

  73. A favorite hobby of mine is to take photographs of bands performing, and during the summer the best activity is going to concerts. They go hand in hand, really :) Otherwise you can find me daydreaming and enjoying the warm sun!!

  74. Just one hobby and summertime activity? so hard to pick just one!

    I like to go for walks in the summer sun…take in all the green, breathe in deeply.

    My favorite summertime activity is going to outdoor concerts with friends! Next up: She & Him at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens – PERFECT! :)

  75. my favorite hobby at this time of year is randomly selecting a point on a map of the coastline…where I have never been, and driving to it…I love exploring. My favorite summertime activity is gardening…growing tomatoes and basil, and taking them inside and whipping up an amazing fresh sauce…that is how summer tastes.

  76. my favorite hobby is photography & dancing. i love them both :)
    i love to spend my free time at the lake in the summer!
    i enjoy laying out on the dock listening to the water while reading a book and listen to some music… so very relaxing.
    i also enjoy wakeboaring, such a rush. being at the lake is a very relaxing place and i cannot get enough of it :)

  77. Best summer activity is weekend swimday and cookout with the kids and wife, spending good quality time together, best hobby is me adn my 5 year old playing tennis.

  78. My favorite Hobby is gardening, and my favorite summertime activity is going on canoe trips with my big dog, Dutchie :)

  79. My favorite hobby is dog training (does it count if that’s my profession too?)
    My favorite summertime activity is more of a untivity: hanging out on the deck drinking iced tea with the dogs.

  80. my favorite hobby is ballet! i love it so much, i don’t know what i’d do without it! i take ballet every day of the week :)

  81. My favorite hobby is bike riding and my favorite summertime activities are hanging with friends at outdoor cafes and people watching!!<3

  82. I’ve been doing yoga since I was very young and I could NOT live without it!!!!
    Also, I’m new to knitting, and just taught myself how to knit via YouTube (haha!) and I am OBSESSED! I loooove it!

  83. favorite hobby- running and biking! …and reading, concerts, cooking, the list goes on!

    favorite summertime activity- being outdoors – on the river with friends, having a bonfire and campout in my backyard, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, hiking, traveling, camping…. i love it!

  84. My favorite summer time activity is exploring the natural beautiful places around me! :) Being in the Bay Area, CA that can include going o the beach, lakes, the local beautiful Hills. While doing that I LOVE to take photo’s of some of the beautiful things I see.

    I also enjoy modeling in these beautiful environments.

  85. Hobby: I love to hang out at the animal shelter and walk all the cute little doggies and occasional goat!

    Activity: Camping!!! Love those s’mores and veggie dogs!

  86. I love to collect sea shells from all the places that we go on vacation. My favroite summer activity is white water rafting, theres nothing like the rush you get from it, also the nature you see can’t be beat.

  87. favorite hobby: reading classic books
    favorite summertime activity: playing with my dog in the yard.

  88. favorite hobby is drinking tea and drawing at my kitchen island with good music and conversation.

    favorite summer activity is going strawberry picking until my hands are stained pink and swimming in freezing rivers- it makes me feel alive.

  89. I must say that some of my favorite hobbies are quilting/sewing and going to natural wildlife parks.
    Done separately…of course~

  90. My favorite hobby is doing DIY crafts. I just made some hair bows and they’re great :)
    And my favorite summer activity is going to the dog park with my dog.

  91. Woah! There is almost too many to choose from…I love making any kind of art, jewelry, drawing, mosaics, and painting. I like, Hula hooping, day drinking, long boarding, and biking. However, my favorite has to be seeing live music! Its festival season and Im stoked to submerge myself in beautiful sounds, and people! :D

  92. My favorite hobby/summer activity would be rollarblading at the lake.
    The breeze in your hair and the water at your side nothing could be better. The best time of day would be at sunset when the sky is lit up with different colors, the water is calm, and the air is cooling. Im so glad that summer is on its wayyy :) <3

  93. Favorite hobby is watching boy make music and favorite summer activity is lounging pool side or on a boat

  94. My favorite summer hobby would have to be shopping! My favorite summer activity is traveling to countries I’ve never been to before! This summer I plan on going to Damascus with my family!

  95. My favorite hobby must definitely be cooking! But it only ranks a little higher than taking walks in the city (try taking walks in Boston in the winter- freezing!)
    As for my favorite activity, it is road trips!

  96. My favorite hobby is going to all of the street fairs in Chicago. There are so many of them and so many different kinds. My favorite activity is going to the beach and playing in the water with the boy I nanny for. I always tell him that there is a very hungry shark named Herman waiting for him in the water…..the best part: we swim in Lake Michigan. :-)

  97. Favorite Hobby~ Creating small scale ceramic sculptures…I love clay!

    Favorite Summertime Activity~ Riding my bike to the beach for a swim!

  98. my favorite hobby is photography, followed closely by creating photo art – I like to make my photos into something unexpected. my favorite summertime activity is lying in an old aluminum boat on my uncle’s pond and reading.

  99. My favorite summertime activity is going to see my favorite band ever,PHISH! Some people like to golf, I like to see Phish. It’s Le Best! Meeting up with lifelong friends in amazing destinations and dancing in the sun….that is SUMMER! PS….and looking cute in freepeople doing it is pretty sweet!

  100. My favorite hobby is metalsmithing and creating jewelry.
    My favorite activity for this summer is definitely spending time with my new puppy Gala. She loves to hike and play and never stops going. And of course I love all the summer shows and festivals.

  101. favorite hobbie(s): making things, playing outside, finding magical things on the ground and going to shows.
    summer activities: going to the beach, camping, hiking, playing in the woods, anything to get away from the yellow lights of the city and see the stars…

  102. i love to plant vegetables this time of year. there’s something soothing about getting your hands dirty in the wet soil and anticipating a little sprout. then when the day is done, my boyfriend and i like to ride our bikes down to the local soft serve shop. we get the same thing every time: a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate.

  103. Meandering through the woods and pretending that I’m Sam Gribley from “My Side of the Mountan.”

  104. My favoriye hobby yoga and My favorite summertime activity is going to the beach with my 4 yr old little girl and collecting sea glass and shells. We bring the shells home and she paints them and gives them away. So much fun so many memories :-)

  105. My favorite hobbies are photography and scrap-crafting (crafting out if recycled items). My favorite thing to do in the summer is Bon fire at the lake with friends and chase after fireflies with my kids!

  106. We just love Summer picnics… even better now that we have a back yard and a rain forest behind us… ok it’s not quite a rain forest but there is a creek and I can sit and read or hand sew while the kids race around as they should!!

    xo Steph

  107. my favorite hobby is caring for animals, wether its at my local vets or the park farm.
    and my favorite summer time activity is travelling, i love to spread my wings and get away from the drizzle of the UK to the sunshine of where ever im going.

  108. Favorite activity in the summertime is going out to lunch with my sisters in Los Angeles! Wish I was there right now :)

  109. My favorite summer activity is road tripping with my amazing friends!
    My favorite hobby is singing and learning new instruments! I am currently working on the ukulele!

  110. My favorite hobby is writing & performing poetry/spoken word!
    And my favorite fun sunshine summertime activity is….. well it’s so hard to choose just one! I like simply BEING outside in a summer dress or shorts, with friends or family, grilling out or camping out, dancing or just napping in the grass. :D <3

  111. my hobby is singing!m i’m going to london in 9 days with my university choir. :)

    in the summer i love getting out my favorite video games and playing through them – nostalgia!

  112. I LOVE THAT BAG!!!! My favorite hobby is acting (musical theatre!), and my favorite summer activity is hiking and biking. :)

  113. hobby: dance. dance all the time :) lyrical, contemporary, jazz, ballet, hiphop, tap, modern, socially-whatever. life is not complete without dance!

    activity: dancing and lying in the sun with a good book :) but hopefully i can save up and buy a nice bike, so i can add that to my list.

  114. Favey Summer Activity:: Singing [at the top of my lungs] with the windows down.

    Favey Hobby:: Painting Nails Fresh Spring Pastels, then music shopping online.

  115. My favorite hobbies include making my own paper, knitting, Scoubidou, and of course photography!

  116. My favorite hobby is taking pictures, definitely, and my favorite summer activities are camping, hiking and mountain biking.

    It’s dreary here in Vail, CO today, too! Can’t wait for the warm weather to get here!

  117. My favorite hobby is trying to be creative:) whether its putting together a new outfit from old clothes, baking, taking photos, trying to make jewlery, being artistic, finding new activities to do with friends such as flying kites and much more!

    My favorite summertime activity is definitely camping with family and friends!! Last year my cousins and I built a homemade raft/sailboat and went out onto the lake! We actually got really far and needed to be rescued by our parent with the boat!:)

  118. I love photography. It’s my favorite thing to do, especially when I’m taking photos of my daughter. She’s the subject in about 80% of my pictures. :)

  119. I love making jewelry! My hobby has branched out to making jewelry with semi-precious stones and silver. It makes me so excited and happy to see how everything comes out when it’s finalized. My favorite summertime activity is swimming at the pool or the beach with my friends during those hot days. Nothing better than cooling off!

  120. favourite hobby is playing music w/e instrument it may be and singing…and the same for summertime activity…EXCEPT in deh sun. (Y)

  121. Favorite Hobby – Photographing strangers’ portraits

    Favorite Summer Activity – Lying in hammocks : )

  122. Sports are my hobby – participating, spectating, whatever. Summer is for camping, hiking, biking, and kayaking.

  123. favorite hobby- strumming the guitar and singing a few tunes
    favorite thing to do in the summer- hit the beach….ooohh and travel

  124. My favorite summer hobby is definitely hiking different, beautiful places. While my favorite activity is by far reading great books by the pool/beach/lake.

  125. hunting down vintage goodies at estate sales and flea markets, making new things and building new outfits

  126. favorite summer hobby:
    going to concerts and riding my beach cruiser to the beach :) can not wait!

  127. I’m a crafter by nature. Sewing, crocheting…that’s my thing.

    And surfing in the summer! :]

  128. Favorite summer activity…laying on the beach soaking in the CA sun and reading a good book.

  129. favorite hobby – going to see free live music

    favorite summertime activity – kayaking at the island, lake & river, hiking and swimming at greenbelts and parks. then journaling about all my adventures!

  130. Good Morning to you!

    My favorite hobby would definitely be Y-O-G-A. That was an easy one! :) Yoga is amazing for the mind, body AND soul. Spring and summer put me in such a good mood and motivate me even more to do some yoga. Especially outside.

    My favorite summertime activity would definitely be going to outdoor concerts and festivals! I have my trip all lined up for LoLlAPaLloOzA in Chicago for August. w00t w00t! Can’t wait! Should be a great summer :)

  131. my favorite hobby and summer activity go hand in hand. sitting on patios and drinking with good friends. just being outside is wonderful, but being with good friends having some iced tea, or some fresh berry mojitos make it all the better.

  132. my favorite hobby is painting, and my favorite summer activity is taking my dog for a walk down the farmer’s market. he loves getting fresh apple and carrot treats!

  133. My favorite summer hobby is laying at the beach. I love to just enjoy the scenery and warm weather :)My favorite summer time activity is laying out on the grass with a yummy summery drink…something that involves rum and coconut :) YAY summer!!

  134. my favorite hobby has got to be parkour! running gets so boring, but add some obstacles to jump over/through/around & it gets so much more fun & challenging. & my favorite summertime activity has got to be anything that involves the river that runs through my city (richmond, va). kayaking, rock jumping, tubing, or just lounging out on the rocks is pretty much all i want to do all summer!

  135. Hobby: Taking photographs, sewing Summer dresses, sitting outside on my hammock and reading a good book with my dog sleeping at my feet.

    Activity: Bellydancing my day away.

  136. Favorite hobby: dragon boat
    favorite summertime activity: standing on the shore and letting the waves hit my feet while they sink into the sand…

  137. My favorite summer hobby is either planning and planting new vegetable gardens in my huge backyard and using my fresh produce in different seasonal meals, or going to my favorite downtown Seattle locations and taking photographs.

  138. SAILING!! I love when the weather gets warm and we pull out the boat. Where I live we are an hour and a half away from the lake, but that drive seems like minutes when we have the boat hooked up to the back of the subaru!

  139. I suppose that my favorite summertime hobby is cooking out, having a fire and relaxing with friends…. among others like chilling at the beach. Favorite activity would be… bike riding, kayaking, or taking walks.

  140. my favorite hobby is photography and drawing/sketching:)

    In the some I love to read and do anything outside!

  141. My favorite hobby is nature hiking! There is an awesome park near my home with several miles of wooded trails that change dramatically with the seasons.
    My favorite summer activity is going to outdoor music festivals. My boyfriend and I travel to at least 1 every year and we hit as many as we can locally.

  142. My favorite summertime hobbies are reading (outside in the sun, of course) and studying nature and the world around me.

    My favorite summertime activities are sailing and SCUBA diving when I am near the sea, and hosting dinner (garden) parties with friends and family when I am at home.

  143. My favorite hobby of all time is definitely shopping!! I love buying new cute clothes and expanding my wardrobe with adorable outfits. HAHA If only I had a bigger paycheck for it!!
    My favorite summertime activity would definitely be spending time outside in the sun with friends and family. I love being outside doing anything in the summer. From, bike riding to barbequing, to just lounging around by the pool. It’s so fun to enjoy summer time with the people you love around you.

  144. My favorite hobby of all time is definitely shopping!! I love buying new cute clothes and expanding my wardrobe with adorable outfits. HAHA If only I had a bigger paycheck for it!!
    My favorite summertime activity would definitely be spending time outside in the sun with friends and family. I love being outside doing anything in the summer. From, bike riding to barbequing, to just lounging around by the pool. It’s so fun to enjoy summer time with the people you love around you.

  145. hobby- creating an inspiration book – I take pics, cut photos / ads, poems, lyrics, ect to express my creativity energy

    activity- road tripping to concerts / music festivals with friends, not planning a thing..just seeing where life takes me

  146. favorite hobby: writing!
    favorite summertime activity: eating a delicious bowl of acai with granola and bananas outside in the warmth!

  147. Best Summer hobby would have to be gardening. Then enjoying your summer harvest.
    Camping has always been my favorite summer activity!

  148. My favorite hobby is sketching my clothing designs outside in the fresh air! My favorite summer activity is road trips whenever I get the chance!!!

  149. My Favourite hobby would be collecting, but not just any collecting, hobby collecting. Love learning new hobbys all the time, from sewing, painting, playing an instrument. My favourite summer activity has to be surfing hopefully in costa rica! love your blog!

  150. hobby: enjoying any type of outdoor music-related event, be it a full blown festival, backyard BBQ with friends’ bands, or an acoustic jam session by the fire —- as long as there’s live music outdoors, I’ll be there with guitar, harp(sicord) and voice in tow

  151. No matter where I might be, singing is my favorite hobby.

    In the summer, festivals, camping and just being outdoors is the best.

  152. Hi!

    My favorite hobby right now is tied between playing Plants vs. Zombies and making jewlery out of paperclips…

    My favorite summertime activity is cooking! I never have time to during the school year and I love making light, fresh summer-y meals! Hooray!

  153. My favorite hobby in the summer is painting outside

    My favorite activity is walking through the woods at night with my friends

  154. hobby: checking out different farmers markets
    summer activity- going to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and taking photos in their old photobooth <3

  155. Hobby: I love volunteering at my local Humane Society, and ASAP Cat shelter. I also draw, and paint.
    Favorite summer-time activity: I love walking along the beach near my home. I also love sipping on a Arnold Palmer, while sitting under the warm sun :)

  156. Favorite hobby – collecting hard rock cafe guitar pins

    Favorite summer activity – definitely sitting by the pool and reading a good book

  157. my hobbies change constantly, right now its wildlife photography and gardening
    Summer activities is boating, snorkeling, spending time with friends

  158. During real life my new hobby is designing hats. I try my best to make their intricacy match the going ons in the head they are meant to be worn on.

    But when June comes around… It is time for island adventuring: Late night skinny-dipping in the warm ocean, hiding away in tree houses, staring into the infinity of the sky with people who now know me solely during the summer months, counting the spider bites in the morning…

  159. Hobby- Photography!
    Summertime activity- Hanging out at the beach and soaking up the sun.

  160. Fav hobby: traveling to different parts of thr world
    fav activity in summer: eating Italian ice on the street

  161. Favorite summer hobby – I love giving henna tattoos! and horse back riding, hiking and anything out doors.

    Favorite summer activity- I love going to the beach, especially for the fourth of july to watch the fireworks.

  162. Favorite Hobby: Reading, preferably outdoors
    Favorite Summertime Activity: Kayaking- my 2 and 5 year old love it!

  163. I love to hang out with my boyfriend all summer and relax. Annnnddd I love all the free time I have to go shopping.

  164. Every summer I love the free time I get to be with my mom and I also enjoy having a lot of time to read : )

  165. my favorite hobbies in the summer are planting flowers and washing my laundry outside. my favorite summer activity is swimming in rivers and bathing in them with biodegradable soap. =D

  166. ☮♥ HOBBIE * Daydreaming in my garden & BREATHING the wondeful perfume of spring/summer flowers & bushes! Gazing at the amazing scenery (Wildflowers, Franklin Mountains)☮♥

    ☮♥ ACTIVITY * Writing, Gardening & Picking Flowers, Reading, Nightlife, Acting, Cookouts with family & Friends at the Canyon, Designing, Music, Taking my Schizophrenic Sister to the Lake & for Walks & doing Crafts with Her! ☮♥

  167. Favorite hobby- cooking
    Favorite summer activity- tanning on my porch with some lemonade

  168. My favorite summer activity is being outside with family and friends. And all the things that come along with that…bbq’s, picnice, laying by the beach, looking for seaglass, playing baseball with my little cousins. The possibilities are endless in the summer.
    My favorite hobby is finding new artistic things. I am a dancer but that is not my hobby more my life. But one second I am all about photography, next i am making crafts or bracelelts for my friends. I just love being artsy for other people.

  169. My favorite hobby is making dream catchers for friends. My favorite summer activity is hiking with my yorkie Koa. He’s small but he keeps up!

  170. summertime is time were the sun is always out and the music is always playing, so my favorite activity is to be outside all day long, swimming in ponds, building campfires, and singing an dancing the nights away.

  171. indulging in some good music and crusing the open roads all the while soaking in the sun.

  172. my favorite hobby is blogging. it is a wonderful places to share the things you love and inspire others!
    in the summertime i love playing volleyball on the beach

  173. Favorite summer hobby-looking through old photo albums while sitting on my deck surrounded by all the trees, flowers, and birds

    My favorite activity is going to the beach w/ boyfriend:) love to take photographs, lay out, play in the water & enjoy dinner by the sunset

  174. My favorite hobby is to learn new WORDS … I love learning new languages, FRESH ways to think about the world from different perspectives. A new language is like a game, keeps my brain synapses FIRING. Of course, foreign languages are also a direction link to travel & discovering secret hidden places in the world …& all of those new words help lead me there.

    My favorite summertime activity is having a picnic ANYWHERE … picnics are relaxing & the baskets are cute. It’s fun to have picnics in new locations to spice it up – whether it’s on a hike in the woods, on the beach, in a park, by a river, on a sailboat — – – there’s endless capabilities to having a lovely surprise picnic outside under the sunshine on a warm blanket…laughing with friends…….oh, and an ADVENTURE often has a picnic somewhere inside it.

  175. tell us your favorite hobby and your favorite summertime activity

    I enjoy searching film locations,of my favorite movies and visiting them.
    It seems quiet unorthodox but It’s interesting. As well as searching up architects of vast buildings I like.

    -my favorite summertime activity would probably
    my mini archeology excursion trips wether it be in the hamptons or in Australia like I plan to do this summer It’s amazing, and meeting new people who share youre same interest is even better.

  176. I love to fish,swim,garden,paint,and anything else I can do outside in the summer. My hobbies are the things I like to do in the summer.

  177. i am blessed enough to live in the mountains of montana, so my summertime activities are endless. among my favorites would have to be biking to the waterfall and rock climbing up… only to jump into the collected water at the bottom. cliff jumping, rope swinging, hiking in glacier… so much to do!

    my hobby is watercolour painting and my passion-photography. they mesh so well with living in nature… i have this overflowing source of inspiration all around me.

  178. My year round hobby of reading is able to reach its peak during the summer and my book list is always growing. The best place to read these books is lying by the strikingly cool and refreshing barton springs. Thus I am able to enjoy the lounging hobby of reading with the sensational activity of taking a dip in some cool springs.

  179. My favorite hobby is photography. And my favorite summer activity is drawing huge murals on my driveway with sidewalk chalk!

  180. my favorite summertime activity is taking photographs and dancing

    and my favorite hobby is definitely SWIMMING!!!

    thanks so much for this giveaway!

  181. favorite hobby —> dancing and drawling.

    favorite summer activity —> bonfires and reading on the beach.

  182. My favorite hobby would be writing stories during the summer. All my experiences get my creative side going!
    My favorite activity would be dancing in the summer rain with my friends :)

  183. my favorite hobby in the summertime is definitely soaking up some rays on the peaceful shores of rosemary beach :)

  184. Funny how everyone comments as soon as there is a give-away. My favorite summer activity would just to haave delightful picnics with good friends. Plus then you can talk to them about all the cool Free People clothes ;D

  185. Awww thanks for the giveaway, this is LOVELY :)

    My hobbies are figure skating, fashion blogging and dreamy fashion illustrations.

    I absolutely love summer walks, preferably in the evening at dusk when the sun makes pretty circles in front of my eyes and makes dandelions glow gold.

  186. My favorite hobby is a tie between singing and playing guitar. I’ve been singing basically my whole life and started playing guitar around 2 years ago. Both I’m extremely passionate about and I’m a firm believer that both have helped me through extremely tough times. Including both of those hobbies, my favorite summertime activity is definitely traveling. I’m a student in university and it’s so difficult to find time other than summer to travel. I love seeing new parts of the country!!

  187. Hobby: refinishing and painting old furniture to give it a shabby chic look
    My favorite summer activity is going to outdoor concerts

  188. favorite hobby- drawing, painting and going for walks!
    favorite summer activity- sunbathing, picnicking in Central Park, and swimming!

  189. I adore camping in the mountains with my artist friends, near crystal clear brooks and alpine meadows, where I can paint, pick berries or flowers and have bonfires at night, sing and dance at the sound of guitars, flutes and tambourines…

  190. iiii lovee free people!

    that little pouch is soooo adorable and totally amazing for summer!

    my fave summer hobby is going to the beach (to play in the water,find cute boys on the beach,read, and make string bracelets which i lovee to make!)

    &&& my fave summer activity is CONCERTS!!! summer music is always the best music since it has such a flair that is just perfect to be a soundtrack to any girl!!

    ps– today i went to the mall twice and tried over a four dozen free people garments! and yesss of course i found a whole lot that i love and is noww minee!!!!!!!

  191. My favorite hobby is making ceramics! I love including textiles and whimsical designs. I spend each summer waterskiing with the Min-Aqua Bats and baking in the afternoons :)

  192. My favorite hobby is photography

    My favorite summer activity is having bonfires and hanging out with friends!

  193. My favorite hobby is reading a good book or magazine. My favorite activity is playing with my two nieces, its good exercise.

  194. my favorite hobby is creating something, whether it’s writing a story, taking photos or making art or crafts!

    my favorite summertime activity is going to the beach!! :)


  195. My favorite hobby is anything to do with horses–riding them, patting them, and reading whilst on top of them.
    My favorite summer activity is definitely swimming!

  196. My altime favorite hobby is making general crafts, like waterpainting, and doing collages, digital and traditional. They are alot of fun because theres no rules in art, and you can express yourself in a way that words can’t. Another reason why I love FREE PEOPLE too, is because fp incorperates so much are and creativity, that’s truely inspiring to the young girl stuck in a small town dreaming big.

    In the Summer time i really like to go to the beach, or hang out at the boardwalk/ here in venice, California. There are alot of unique and cool artists and amazing vintage finds there, and during the summer is the perfect time to go. During the summer I also like to go to the park with my dog, and walk with her. It’s really relaxing and she seems to enjoy the sunshine & nice weather too. :)

  197. Well,
    My favorite hobby during the summer is walk without any shoes.. totally barefoot. Even at sidewalks that goes to the beach.
    My favorite summertime activity is wake up and “meet” the ocean. And stay there until the moon comes up.

  198. Favorite activity in the summer is spending time with my boyfriend. We go kayaking, hiking, longboarding and we hang out at the beach a lot! We are also never with our his and hers english bull terriers Zeppelin and Abbey road. <3

  199. my favorite thing to do in the summer is travel and go to outdoor concerts. viva rock!

  200. my hobby is drawing retro style animals and disney characters and taking pictures with my army-green Holga camera. My favorite summer activity is going to the beach to find treasures and going to Beeps (a 50s style restaurant) and getting a different milkshake every time (there are like, 20 flavors).

  201. Fave hobby – knitting

    Fave summer activity – hiking in the Hudson highlands near my NYC home!

  202. Photography and cooking are my favorite hobbies…
    and my favorite activity in the summer is anything tha has to do with beach, wether is rollerblading along the beach or dining with an ocean view, clubing on a terrace, hanging out at a tiki bar, flying a kite or just going for a walk……. or a jog

  203. My favorite hobby is traveling/sculpting :3 and my favorite summertime activity has to be going to the beach and thrifting/antique shopping for sure.

  204. I love taking care of my animals especially my bunny and summer past time hmm.. Painting

  205. I love love love learning new makeup techniques and trying them and in summer I adore a good cold tropical drink by the pool

  206. Hobbie would be making bracelets and past time in summer going running them jumping in the pool

  207. this summer i’m working with animals, and either little kids or old people, old people are awesome. hobbies- sailing, kayaking, swimming, learning to waterboard again this summer, reading, rummaging through art book stores, making stuff with punds of beach glass, knitting, sewing, painting, ….. i’m heading to montana this summer though so i don’t know how much of all that i’ll be doing.

  208. my favorite hobby is definitely sewing (either by hand or on the machine) whenever i find time. i love finding little craft projects from blogs and websites and trying them myself.
    during the summer, i enjoy having the time to curl up to a good (bad, old or new) movie and immerse myself in that world for the time being. of course, tanning and shopping in the city isn’t bad either ;).

  209. Favorite hobby is loving my husband! Kayaking, camping, and summer trips are all tied for number one.

  210. My favorite hobby is also my newest obsession.. I love Bikram yoga! And my favorite summertime activity is having a bonfire with family and friends :)

  211. My favorite hobby is indoor rock climbing!! I love heights, so climbing a 40 foot wall, reaching the top and looking down is so thrilling!! (and it’s a fun way to get in shape too!)

  212. Hmm.. my favorite hobby would have to be reading, picking up books about random topics that I don’t know anything about, just learning new things in general haha pretty dorky i know! My favorite activity would have to be spending summer nights dancing salsa at local cafes and clubs..

  213. new york city is the worst place to be in the summer (wet, crowded, dirty – yuck!) but i will definitely be living it to its fullest at lovably tacky coney island, soaking up the sun and eating fish tacos off the boardwalk like nobody’s business! my favorite activity? eating of course (especially mexican food)!

  214. My favorite summer activity is going on a run with my dog up to the Mound behind my house.
    My favorite hobby is reading.

  215. My favorite summertime activity is relaxing and having a good time with all my friends, eating melting ice pops, and lazing the day a way with smiles and laughs :). And my hobby is making colorful free people art pieces, fp is my fav thing in the whole wide world!

  216. My favorite hobby is decorating picture frames with old colorful buttons and whatever else i can find. They really add fun and color to my house! My favorite activities would have to be playing softball and going to concerts decked out in free people attire :)

  217. i love all of summer in general but my favorite hobby would have to be painting… i get so inspired when the sun’s out… and my favorite activity would be to go frollicking through flowers!

  218. My favorite hobby would have to be acting! I love really getting into the character.

    As for summertime activity… I have to say going to the lake or beach and goofing off, boating, swimming and hanging out with family and friends. =)


  219. my favorite hobby is eating frozen peachers and watching movies.
    my favorite activity is waking up early in the morning to watch the sunrise on my deck. (if that counts as an activity)

  220. My favorite hobbie is thrifting and going to auctions to discover all the neat things you can find there. My favorite activity in summer is visiting every music festival I can :)

  221. Summer is a wonderful opportunity to get all my friends together, put on some good tunes, bring our favorite clothes, and take loads of pictures! We’re all about to move away, so taking beautiful pictures together is a fun way to make souvenirs/art while we have our last chance!

    Summer is also the best time for travel! I’m heading to London and Paris this summer! Sightseeing and trying out new cultures is my favorite summer activity.

  222. Well NOW my favorite hobby is welding! I learned the craft at school this year and I’ve been mixing welded steel wire shapes and creations with knitted scraps I’ve made over the years. Fun!
    My favorite summer time activity is going to festivals. I haven’t been to Coachella since ’06, but Rothbury last year was A-MAZING!!

  223. favorite hobby: making clothes
    activity: taking the train down to the city with my best friend to bucktown

  224. My favorite hobby is listening to music…whether it’s on my ipod, one of my many CDs, or a local concert, I love it!

    My favorite summertime activity is either thrift store shopping/going to yard sales or making art and jewelry…I can’t decide.

  225. Favorite hobby: Djing
    Favorite Summer Activity: Jet skiing on the Lake or going dirt biking at the desert

  226. My favourite hobby is drawing in my sketchbook and cooking:)
    My favourite summer activity is camping with my chocolate lab :)

  227. hobby: making tie dyed shirts and head bands on my porch
    activity: going to the shore and riding my beach bike

  228. My favorite hobby is reading.

    Nothing, but nothing, beats a good book. It can be enhanced by a yummy cup of coffee and/or tea, a child reading or doodling nearby, and a summer breeze. Whole worlds reside in books….*sigh*…

  229. my favorite hobby is baking sweets for my friends and family. my specialties are a day-old apple crisp and strawberry cookies! as for my favorite summer activity- relaxing on a porch with close pals, maybe sipping on some lavender lemonade just hoping a thunderstorm rolls thru so we can go play out in the rain :)

  230. Lovely giveaway. My favourite hobby in summertime is walking to the park and playing on swings. I get my partner to spin me on the tire-swing until I feel like throwing up and the world is spinning. Or on the regular swings, where you almost feel as if you could fly into the blue sky if you jumped off.

  231. My favorite hobby/becoming my career pathway(yay!) is Photography. love it with all my heart.
    My faovirte summer time activity is driving up to coast of California for a few days, hopefully get to do a lot of that this summer with my best friend!!

  232. I have a lot of hobbies that I love but my favorite would have to be soccer, photography, baking and dancing. My favorite summer activity is camping! I love being in the outdoors with my friends,a campfire, and a camera. The complex world doesn’t matter when I’m camping. I’m free :)

  233. my hobby would be most things creative. just using various kinds of medium to express my thoughts and feelings: dance, words, collages, paint, etc.
    my favorite summertime activity would be roadtrips with my girlfriends to yet unknown destinations.

  234. My favorite hobby is going to a park right by my house. The park is on the Delaware river facing Philly and just has a certain peace about it. I could go there anyday of the week with good friends and have the time of my life. My favorite thing to do in the summer is go to concerts and festivals. I usually always make a few trips to visit Woodstock and the NYC for some creative clothing.

  235. My favorite hobby is going to a park near my house. It’s right on the Delaware River facing Philly. It has the best view of the city and has a certain tranquility about it. I could go there anyday with some good friends and have the best time. My favorite thing to do in the summer is to go to Cape May. I grew up there and have so many friends that i haven”t seen in forever. Not to mention swimming at the beach =]

  236. My favorite hobby is playing volleyball!!
    My favorite Summer Activity is going on are family fishing trip. Jumping in the lake, catching fish all day, nice cold springs and sun burn!!

  237. my favorite hobby is photography, music, and cooking! and my favorite summertime activity is going to my favorite bands’ concerts and going on a little trips to abandoned houses for photos.. :)

  238. My favorite summertime hobby is using nature as artistic inspiration. I love the way the colors of nature are so bright in the sun! I love photography, painting & fashion and the summertime is when all my creative energy really shines! :)

  239. hobby: dancing and taking pictures of everyone and everything since im a photographer, i love to be behind the camera seeing what lovely moments i can capture!

    favorite summer time activity:
    going to the lake with my boyfriend, listen to jason mraz and just take a nap

  240. fave hobby: writing poetry and collecting music recordings
    summer activity: attending summer festivals and concerts

  241. My favorite hobby is photography, I love to shoot with an old cannon film, and developing my own black & whites is such fun: being able to keep the shot as is or fuse two shots together,being able to document my friends stories as well as my own, capturing a beautiful landscape or a once in a lifetime moment. My favorite summertime activity is definitely a toss-up between traveling, hiking , and swimming. They are all enjoyable pastimes that can be done alone or with friends(giving you the chance to relax and just be yourself.) Summer is best spent meeting new people or discovering new things, and all of these activities are prime opportunities to do just that.

  242. hobby: it’s a tie between painting and exercising!
    summertime activity: taking day trips to places where the beaches are warm with my friends :)

  243. fave music- writing poetry and collecting music recordings
    fave summer activity- attending festivals and concerts

  244. I love knitting! In the summer I just switch to lightweight and delicate yarns. On weekends I go thrifting, there are tons of cute secondhand shops in my area.

  245. My favorite thing to do in the summer is lay in the hot sun and read wonderful books or listen to summery music.

  246. my favorite hobby has to be soaking up the summer juices and my most favorite activity is riding my bike and people watching.

  247. My favorite hobby is baking and my favorite summer time activity is spending time with the people i love the most!

  248. My favorite hobby is drawing, my favorite summer activity is running around barefoot and carefree!

  249. ♫ hobbie love is one hobbie & dreaming, & being free
    ♫ activity recording music multi media geometrics milling around the city cocktails dancing campfires walking my dog

  250. Summertime is always too short for me. My friends and I like to have hula-hooping-popsicle-eating contests! It is just as hard as it sounds. I’d say my favorite hobby is camping and hiking over summer!

  251. My favorite hobby is painting and my favorite fun in the sun summertime activity is swimming.

  252. my hobby would have to be, dreaming <3
    as for my summer activity… just enjoying the break and basking in the sun with close friends.

  253. i love sewing, especially repurposing old ones…t’s, dad’s shirts….and my favorite summer activity would be watching my boys play sports and going to baseball games…..

  254. hobbies: drawing and playing piano and guitar.
    activities: basically relaxing and hanging out with my friends.
    i love you free people!

  255. My favorite hobby is making jewelry with found objects, especially when I can work something someone loves into something they can wear.

    My favorite summer activity is backpacking in the mountains. Carrying everything you need to survive on your back is incredibly liberating and the views are magnificent!- A total change from the port city that I live in.

  256. my favorite hobby is people watching in union square or central park (manhattan). my favorite summer activity is hitting up the golden inn beach bar in avalon,nj on sundays to catch the reggae band with my peeps.

  257. My favorite hobby is photography and plying with photophop, in the summer i love to sit on our deck, reading and listening to the creek that runs in the back of the house. It’s so peaceful!

    Favorite activity: I love swimming!

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