frank the bird

a heart-warming story from one of our free people girls…

“this morning i was walking back from the jharoka (the cafe down at the navy yard where we work) with my coffee and i spotted frank in the grass by our building.

he couldn’t fly, and i started to feel sad cuz all the dogs that come to work with their parents run around in that grass…
and i wasn’t sure how frank could avoid all those paws.

so my friends helped get a box and some gloves and we scooped up frank and put him inside with some grass so he felt cozy.

i called the schuylkill wildlife rescue center and they were so nice and said bring him in!

so i drove him up to the rescue and they said it was nice that frank was there because he still had his bloodfeathers and probably wouldn’t be able to fly for another week or so…

i’m glad such a place exists and i’m glad frank is going to be okay. :)”

photo (28)

isn’t he the cutest?!? check out the schuylkill center’s website for more info on the awesome work that they do.


  1. Frank the bird is so cute!! Bless your heart for rescuing him!
    Last summer while on a walk I came across a little bird lying face 1st in the road and I was afraid he would get run over by a car so I grabbed some leaves and scooped the little guy up. I was going to bring him to my apartment so I could call someone to help but luckily after a few minutes of fresh air he stood up and flew away. Yay!

  2. I just found a baby bird on the side of the sidewalk by my house. I wish there was an organization like the schuylkill center here in southern california! It just breaks my heart that I can’t do anything about this little bird!

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