office space

inside our web studio – a clothing, accessory and shoe lover’s dream…








the changing room


the makeup table




our web stylist puts the finishing touches on our model’s outfit…


last minute hair and makeup touch-ups


our web merchandisers check out the shots on a large monitor


our assistant stylist perfects another model’s outfit


i like her hair scarf :)


and… shoot!


  1. This is off topic… but did you ever find where to buy that “Keep it Neil” shirt from the post a while back? Please let me know!

  2. I love this post so much! one of the reasons why I love this brand, you all are so inspiring and easy to relate to!

  3. you can buy that “keep it neil” shirt at RVCA (by erin wasson)…but i just made my own with a stencil and some paint (;

  4. I love reading the Free People blog it’s really inspiring but please can you orientate your pictures properly? It really difficult to see when they’re the wrong way round.

  5. amazing post! I have a question though? Do you guys always hire the same photographer? or for some catalogs do you hire different people?

  6. hi katie! we hire different photographers for our catalogs. this is the photo studio for our website – we have a photographer that works in house doing photography for our website.

  7. wish i could afford even a few FP items. seriously! FP has gotten ridiculously expensive!! it’s disgusting

  8. I love the ‘behind the scenes’ shots! Thanks :) The fifth photo from the bottom the stylist is wearing the CUTEST jeans.. Are they FP jeans?? Or where are they from? I love them!

  9. Hello, I sent a question through the contact section but not sure if it went through. Just wondering…how would photographers go about applying to shoot for Free People? Also, would they have to be based in Philly?

  10. hi linda! i responded to your email- i don’t know of any application process, but i know you don’t need to be based in philly. our team often hires photographers whose work they are familiar with and think would be a good match with the catalog’s style and atmosphere.

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