Lately I’ve been obsessing over Indiana Jones style hats. I recently saw Risko from src783

Looking might fine in one and it just made me WANT one even more. I’m thinking here a perfect shindig outfit or

 a look I would wear late afternoon drinking in a local dive bar. The hat, an oversized denim wrangler shirt with bike shorts underneath of course and

these lovely little clogs.

 All I need now is for Friday to hurry up and get here!!!!!!


  1. if you do wear that outfit it will be great if you upload some pic of you!! love to see the outfit for real!!

  2. I love this! First stop, Wrangler… I’m definitely investing in an oversized denim shirt. Your images make this trend look even more amazing! x

  3. love the hat fir the western look.
    Freepeople plsssssssss do x
    PS – i prefer the old format of the blog where you can see more images

  4. love the wash on that denim shirt the girls wearing…perfect for the festivals when it cools down in the evening

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