spring display giveaway!

you probably remember these beautiful butterflies and dragonflies that flew into our stores for our spring display – well now that our new summer displays are up, they have gone into hibernation…and we want to give some away!

this giveaway will stay open until friday at midnight – and all you have to do to win is leave a comment below, and make sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win.

we will select a winner for each day (tuesday,wednesday, thursday, friday) to receive one of these amazing display pieces!

newer 011

newer 015

newer 016

i am so jealous…i loved these displays and they’re even prettier in person because you can see all the details and craftsmanship that went into creating each one :) plus this is the first time we’re giving away some display items so it’s pretty exciting!

good luck!!!

**UPDATE Monday June 21 – the four winners have been selected and contacted. Once we hear back from them, we will announce on the blog.**


  1. In the process of decorating my new room with bohemian inspired antiques and other beautiful things. (on a very tight budget) haha! These would be a lovely addition :)

  2. i’m redoing my room and i would loveeeee on of these butterflies! they are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. These are trully pieces of art, whimsical, magical treasures. To give them away? Amazing! I only hope that whom ever wins (wink wink) would be able to know who made them as well, because they deserve some seroius credit. I love them, and have a really great place for them to fly around in….

  4. I am in the process of moving and, thus, am changing the decor of my room. How adorable would one of these little butterflies look with my new floral bedspread?!

  5. I am absolutely in love with the patterns incorporated in these designs, both the fabric itself and created by sewing them together! Love.

  6. I am a lover of dragonflies because I read somewhere that they are supposed to be little angels so whenever I see them I smile to myself.

  7. This would be perfect for my dorm room! It woul definitely make it feel more homey, plus they are gorgeous!

  8. love love love these! My birthday is Saturday, I couldn’t think of a more amazing gift :)

  9. These are so unique and pretty!
    They would blend in perfectly with the pastel green of my room :)

  10. Free people’s displays are genius because they always make me happy. I’d love to have something whimsical and artsy like that in my room!

  11. These are so beautiful! We’re moving, and my little sister wants to redecorate her room Freepeople-style. She would go nuts over these!

  12. Love these! so pretty and creative! especially love all the different fabrics and textures, really bringst hem to life.

  13. Staring a new home with the love of my life soon…would be a lovely addition for my girly room since he gets the manly garage :-)

  14. Ahhh they’re so awesome! All I want to do is hang them in my room. They’re so creatively made–a true reflection of free people. I especially love the dragonflies.

  15. “You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.”
    Author Unknown

    Beautiful gorgeous butterflies! I would love to win the giveaway :)


  16. I’m in love with these! I have always tried to replicate the FP store interior decor with my own apt.

  17. These are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Im a fashion major in south carolina and they would be so awesome to have in my room for some inspiration:)

  18. These are so gorgeous, I would love to have one to put up in my dorm room in New York City this fall. I’m so excited to move into the big city and having something as beautiful as these butterflies and dragonflies to make my room magical. :D

  19. Those look amazing, they look heavy too …are they metal & fabric? I’d love to just be able to see one close up. Who made them? I’d love to win one.

  20. wow…. so nice of you to give these away!!!Hope to be a lucky winner !! they are beautiful!!

  21. i’d love one! i made something similar… its a jellyfish that i made in studio art in high school. it’s made of thin reeds that i bent into the shape of a jellyfish then filled in the spaces with tissue paper similar to these. the fabric is prettier than my now-faded tissue paper, though, haha.

  22. i’d love one! i made something similar… its a jellyfish that i made in studio art in high school. it’s made of thin reeds that i bent into the shape of a jellyfish then filled in the spaces with tissue paper similar to these. the fabric is prettier than my now-faded tissue paper, though, haha.

    (oops, forgot my email address!)

  23. Wow… These displays are so dreamy. Spring is always my favprite time of the year! Just seeing the flowers bloom in a matter of a few rainy days just always seems so miraculous to me!

    The butterflies look as beautiful hanging up as they are up close! The detailing is to die for. Like having a little piece of each Free People clothing item! Rock on guys!

  24. These are stunning…they make me think of running through a field in a long flowing dress during a 1960’s summer! :) I’d love to have these esp that white one! The hippie in me is calling for them!

  25. I love these! My daughter collects butterflies and they’d be perfect in her room!

  26. Love them! I am creating a butterfly garden for my little girl’s (due in August!) room and one of these would be the icing on the cake. Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks so much for offering to give some away. I ♥ FP!

  27. nothing better than beautiful handmade ornate butterflies….
    I would love to have these hanging in my artspace…

  28. These are absolutely beautiful. I would be honored to have this in my bed room! What a great gift for you to give to your best customers! Send one my way!!

  29. BEAUTIFUL! as well as everything else from free people!
    Cant wait to get my next pay check to spend at your store in
    King of Prussia mall! I have the perfect place for these wonderful displays to go in my house! Ooooh I hope im the lucky winner!! -crosses fingers-

  30. ever since I first saw these in the store I have loved them!!! PLease please choose me!!!! I love them!!!!!!!

  31. These are adorable!! I thought they were made of tissue paper from far away…I never would have imagined they were fabric—extremely creative!!

  32. SO beautiful i have always had a thing for butterflies- growing up my mom called me her little butterfly
    and i fell in love with these magical creations at first sight!

  33. I have been purchasing Free People since I was 10 years old I am close to my twenties now, every time I walk in your store I am fascinated by ur decorations!!!!

  34. these are so gorgeous. i just redid my bedroom and they would look perfect in it. i love the patterns and the indie esque look

  35. Butterfly in the sky….I can fly twice as high!!! I have emerged from my cocoon, ready to spread my wings and fly!!!

  36. ah i’m so excited you guys are giving these away! i tried to replicate them and failed miserably! they’re beautiful

  37. One of these would add the perfect to my bedroom in my new house!! Send one this way :)

  38. I love how FP makes the connection of nature with the clothing. All though out fashion history you can see this influence in clothing designs. It’s enlightening and sends a good message to respect nature.

  39. I love these! They’re so pretty!
    I’ve never actually gotten to visit a store because I always get my stuff online, so it’d be really cool to be able to have one of these! <3

    Email: monikahh@live.com

  40. These butterflies are so incredible.
    i can’t stop looking at them.
    They are the essence of me.

  41. WOW!!!!
    i <3 these buTTerFlIEs and DraGonFLieS!
    they r amazing!!
    all FP employees are so talented! i wish i could have them in my room… :)

    keep the beautiful work!

    love ya
    FP me!!!

  42. I’m all the way up in Canada, but I would love one of those beautiful butterflies! Can I be in your contest? I love FP and the artistic creativity in all aspects of your marketing and products!!!!!

  43. Those butterflies are B. E. A. utiful! I would give one to my cousin as a housewarming gift.
    Wow! They are really fantastic (:

  44. Decorating my new apartment in kind of a funky earthy style! The butterflies would be perfect! Love them!

  45. They are absolutely beautiful!!! I love all of the colors, just like the clothing, very eye catching!

  46. these lovely little gems would be perfect for my eclectic bohemian sensibilities. i covet stuff like this. loves!

  47. I want one! these would go perfectly with my room since i did design it after one of the free people stores!

  48. What delighful display peices! I’m sad to say I was never graced with the pleasure of seeing these beauties in person as I haven’t been able to visit a Free People since last autumn.


  49. Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

  50. I have been a HUGE fan of Free People since the very beginning. I love seeing all of the store displays and have an enormous amount of respect for the artists behind the work. Each time I come into one of the FP stores I am blown away by what I see. They really know how to create the perfect atmosphere for each shopper.

    Would love to have a Dragonfly or Butterfly! :)

  51. These are so beautiful and clever! I’m an artist and also a jewelry design student and I’m so detail and craftsmanship oriented, but mostly I’m able to appreciate the beauty in simple objects and each one’s color, pattern, and material. They are stunning in every respect that I just mentioned. I would love to own one of these and they would blend in perfectly among my art prints and own artwrork in my loft of my apartment, which is also my art and jewelry studio. And what I lack there is any ceiling decor. My sister had (and still has) a butterfly hanging from her ceiling at our parents house and my jealousy to have one of my own has gone on for about 10 years. And yours are even more beautiful and unique! LOOOOOVE them!

  52. I love these butterflies. They are so beautiful and go great with my room decor. I love all the detailing in the stitching. Very pretty : )

  53. the butterflies represent Free People perfectly. They are girlie, free-spirited, creative, and boho in the most perfect way!!

  54. I loved these displays, I always wondered what you guys did with the beautiful art work in your stores once the seasons change. It would be amazing to own a piece! Thanks for the opportunity!


    I would LOVE to have one of these in my room. WEEEEEEEEEEE!!

    :) They would make a beautiful gift for someone special ;)



  56. I love these. They would look perfect in my girly room. I would buy one if they were for sale, or would take the time to try to make one, but I’m sure mine would not be as great as these.


    I would LOVE to have one of these in my room. WEEEEEEEEEEE!!

    :) They would make a beautiful gift for someone special ;)




  58. I love spring and all -flies.. :-)And these are really wonderful. I would put it at our centre into hall.. :-) Children would love it. :-D

  59. Dear Butterflies,

    When I see you wings it fills me up with joy. When there is nothing to do I sit and think of you.
    Thank you for teaching me about freedom!

    These are totally aDOREable! Would so match my summer day dream inspired bed spread and lantern themed room.
    Thanks for the contest!

  60. OH WOW!!! The detail and craftsmanship of these are insane!! They look sturdy and stable yet still delicate and amazing!!

  61. What creativity in store display, no wonder your clothes are so fantastic ! Great designs. I have 2 daughters so I know all about how much girls love Free People ! Thanks again !

  62. I would love to give these beautiful creatures a home on my covered porch. I can imagine them swaying in breeze, glittering in the sun, dancing to the wind chimes. :)

  63. I love free people!!! i bought a shirt from here and i love it!!! its just a plus that fairies and butterflies are my weakness :D. would love to have one hung up right in the middle of my boyfriends and my room…would be so funny to get that eyeroll because it would be so out of place in a room that is very guy-ish at the moment…thats all going to change!!!

  64. gorgeous! i have butterfly garlands throughout my room and this would be a wonderful addition!

  65. I actually asked the girl in the store if I could buy one in early spring! so beautiful. I love butterflies.

  66. So beautiful! My husband and I just bought our first home. One of these would look amazing in my new living room :D

  67. Free People Rocks! These butterflies and dragonflies are absolutely flawless! I would Truly love to have them! xoxo

  68. The salespeople at Free People actually called the corporation to find out if I could buy these, I wanted them that bad!

  69. Please, let one of this beautifuls butterflies and dragonflies fly here to Brazil!
    It would be amazing to have one piece of you guys flying around here… So what about show São Paulo some love and beauty?

    I love the idea of Free People. Praying to have the same free spirit around here…


  70. I’m going away to college in the fall, and this would make my dorm-room so beautiful!! I love them!

  71. Wow, these are gorgeous. So excited. I just got my shipment last night from Free People! LOVE everythinggggggg!!!! :)

  72. These displays are so incredible. I love designing so I hope to win these so I can see how they were designed!

  73. I forgot my email here it goes: beamonteiro@uol.com.br

    Please, let one of this beautifuls butterflies and dragonflies fly here to Brazil!
    It would be amazing to have one piece of you guys flying around here… So what about show São Paulo some love and beauty?

    I love the idea of Free People. Praying to have the same free spirit around here…


  74. The FP spring store display was so gorgeous! While shopping in the cozy boutique it felt like a swarm or colorful vibrant butterflies was upon me!! They are super unique and ecclectic and add such a whimsical touch. Love!

  75. I wish I was talented enough to create these myself–but since I can’t I’d be happy to proudly display one that FP created!

  76. So beautiful! Butterflies are my reminder of my daughter that recently passed…my Emma Bug. It kind of became her moniker.

  77. If you love something, set it free; if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it’s flying straight to my house! :)

  78. These so perfectly capture the spirit of Free People, I would love to have that ambiance infused into the decor of my home!

  79. These are gorgeous!! Waking up in my 8×10 (closet) bedroom at school would be SO much more bearable with one of these fluttering over my head! I would try to recreate them myself, but you can’t beat Free People fabric and design!


  80. WoW!!! How stunning these pieces are! They’d be pretty in a baby room or in a classroom! :)

  81. These would be beatiful in my grand daughters bedroom. She is a twin and we recently lost her sister. Out little Emma’s symbol was a butterfly. Now butterflies are our reminder of our sweet baby.

  82. When I saw them hanging in store, I wished that I had wings of my own to fly up and grab a few!! So cute!

  83. These are glorious, I would love to have one to hang over my bed, to bring a smile to my face each morning!

  84. These are beautiful…..ethereal….and I would love to have them in my room. They would have a good home!!!!

  85. My goodness I remember these were really awesome in person!!! I have parties going on this summer for a 1st Birthday, family coming from the east coast, and my graduation these would be really great conversation pieces ;)

  86. I’d really love to have one of these in my room especially since I love bugs. :) and appreciate all the hardwork that goes into making those displays

  87. I love these! I asked about the other display butterflies on Twitter and on here awhile back. I tried making my own with the kids in the class I teach but it wasn’t the same. These would look adorable over my desk!

  88. I would gift them to my baby niece. She is named Georgia after my grandpa George whom she never met. At his burial a butterfly fluttered above his grave. They have become a symbol of his spirit to us.

  89. these are so gorgeous and love love love the handmade details! Any one would be the perfect accent to my new apartment.

  90. These are amazing!! I would love to have one of these flying overhead in my new art studio. Great craftsmanship and great inspiration!!

  91. these would compliment my room so well! free people, you never go wrong with clothes, accessories, OR decorations. perfection<3

  92. They are beautiful and they would look perfect in my preschool. Two of the classrooms are named Butterflies and the other Dragonflies. I can just imagine how beauticul they would look in the classroom and how the children would enjoy them!

  93. These are amazing! Fun, flirty, snazzy, sustainable, unique, blissful— just like Free People

  94. May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun and find your shoulder to light on, to bring you luck happiness and riches, today tomorrow and beyond… so B-E-A-utifull

  95. i would love a butterfly… my room is pretty boring, except for my fp poster that you guys gave away a few years ago….

  96. I love fp!! the clothing, the blog,… but one of the things I love most is walking into your stores, you can see how much detail and attention you put on every that is on display! the dressing rooms in King of Prussia are one of my favorite with all the textures and colors! (o:

  97. These are beautiful! So creative! I love them! If I don’t win at least tell me how to make these please :)

  98. i move into my first apt. next week! its pretty plain right now but has a ton of potential… those are awesome!

  99. These are so precious. Free People items are my favorites in my closet. I’m feeling lucky today. Fingers crossed. xoxoxo.

  100. Oh, those are so pretty! Giving away your displays is a great idea – I hope you do it again in the future!

  101. love free people. love fashion. love these displays. would look adorable in my beach house. i am sandy all the way :)

  102. love free people. love fashion. love these displays. would look adorable in my beach house. i am sandy all the way :)

  103. Who made these lovely creatures? If you send me one I’ll allow them to reproduce so they can flourish. I will share the offspring.

  104. I love butterflies. It’s a saying in our culture that when a butterfly flutters around you, it’s a loved one that has passed away and is saying hello to you :)

  105. These make my heart flutter. I sit in a windowless office all day cold calling. These butterflies give me hope on many levels. Mainly keep dialing so I can help my daughter pay for college. And with her degree in textiles and fibers she’ll pay it forward.

  106. YAY! Butterflies are so free-spirited and whimsical! We just chose the butterfly as our logo for our new women’s group at my school! I would LOVE to have one in my room! LOVE FP!

  107. Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. -Nathaniel Hawthorne

  108. These are so delightful. The fabric is beautiful and they would definitely add color to my little house

  109. ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh. this is…amazing. what beautiful treasures! i could most DEFINITELY find a place for one of these in my new place!

  110. I love FP stores and the way they consistently carry the FP aesthetic in every detail. One of the best brands and lovely store to visit for decorating inspiration!

  111. these are so pretty & would love to have one in my new remodeled bedroom …. love it when ya’al do this

  112. would love these for my 5 year old daughter. she wants to be a “bug doctor” when she grows up!

  113. these would be absolutely perfect for an alice in wonderland party i am throwing! they are so beautiful and whimsical…

  114. The craftsmanship on all of the Free People displays are always flawless! I’m obsessed with these gorgeous pieces from the spring

  115. Love these! So whimsical and amazingly girly!! I have a little sister who would LOVE these in her room. Any one of them!!
    Thanksf or the opportunity!!

  116. o my gooodness!! I absolutely love these when i saw them in the store i just about flipped out! I was one of the people who wanted to buy them becasue they would go perfectly with my boho themed room!! LOVE THEM! and looovvee free people!

  117. Much like the clothing, these remind me of walking through a summer field, the smells of green and gold gilding the air. Always an inspiration.

  118. Is there something I can say to guarantee you pick me to send a butterfly to? All I can come up with is: PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME! So let me know if that’s not working for you and I’ll come up with a bribe you can’t refuse…:)

  119. I loove lovee Free people displays and would really enjoy having some butterflies in my room!

  120. I would love one of these butterflies…we lost everything that made our house us in a fire a few years ago and we’re slowly finding new things but we (my mom and I) don’t have much money, so a beautiful butterfly would be cherished here : ) thank you.

  121. amazing! All of your displays are great, but these butterflies are as cool and for sure more beautiful than even the iconic Andy Warhol butterflies!

  122. wow, those are gorgeous! i wish i could see them in real life, too bad you’re in philadelphia and i’m in miami. :(

  123. Absolutely adorable! I’m moving into my new apartment in LA this summer to start college and that would be a great decoration for my room!

  124. O My! I’m from Holland and stumbled upon this by accident,
    i love love these butterflies, they would look so splended in my
    home. Since i didn’t see the display in the store i don’t know
    how they looked there but i think that it looked great!


  125. I saw these in the store and thought they were gorgeous! My whole room is butterfly themed. I would love one!

  126. butterflies are beutiful and these are no exception! i would love to hang this in my arts and crafts room , thank you .
    i hope i win :)

  127. love, love, love these! They would be amazing in my son’s room he absolutely loves “pretty bugs” as he calls butterflys! *wish*

  128. These butterflies are absolutely gorgeous! I’m in love with Free People’s unique style & appreciation for beautiful fabric!

  129. I re-did my bedroom with the FP catalog covers and cute oragami papers as backgrounds to hang on my walls, I used the old, flowery pink and green FP shopping bag as a table cover with a piece of glass over it, I made a huge canvas with flowers cut out from different fabrics and cut out the words “Free People” from a shopping bag, and I made curtians out of a very bohemian and floral fabric for my closet, instead of doors. Now all I need to complete my room is one of your beautiful butterflies! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  130. Trying to win these for my best friend’s yet-to-be-born baby girl!! They’re living in a converted Chicago electric building loft and they’d be perfect for their tall/tall/tall ceilings!!

  131. These gorgeous displays make me wish I could fly and spend all day in the sunshine high in the tree tops!

  132. One butterfly is not enough. We need
    many thousands of them, if only
    for the effusion of the wayward-
    swaying world they occasion–blue
    and copper hairstreaks, sulphur
    and cabbage whites, brimstones,
    peacock fritillaries, tortoiseshell
    emperors, skippers, meadow browns.
    We need a multitude of butterflies
    right on the tongue simply to be able
    to speak with a varied six-pinned
    poise and particularity.

    –Pattiann Rogers, from Abundance and Satisfaction

    Me, I’d be happy with just one butterfly!

  133. these are beautiful! i would love to hang these in my house and keep them for my daughter when she is born!

  134. Today was my first day as an intern at the chicago showroom and I would love to bring these in to spruce up the place…these butterflies would definitely inspire and help our minds soar!!

  135. So SO very creative! I am REALLY wishing to win, it would brighten my week! Thanks for the opportunity! (jlmuscato@hotmail.com)

  136. i love them! i remember a display years ago where anthropologie had birds/butterflies with lightbuld bodies and paper wings. i went home and made some, still have them! i’d love to have one of these without actually having to make it myself :)

  137. Lord almighty this is super neat! I would love to make one of these creatures a good home but as the odds are always against me (I never win stuff) I’ll just say “congratulations you lucky duck” to the winners and thanks to whoever decided do this giveaway…great idea!

  138. I adore these butterflies and would love to have one for my daughter’s bedroom…. please……….!!!

  139. These are so uplifting (no pun intended). I would love the chance to see one up close and share it with my friends.
    By the way, also love your contests, polls, and so on. It’s great that FP is so connected with its public!

  140. I am in love with those! I collect anything with dragonflies or butterflies on them. My room has several but those would be a wonderful addition! My favorite art pieces are the handmade ones that have been given to me. I have none hanging around now!

  141. I love that you are recycling your coveted window decor! I would love to capture the vintage essence that Free People has garnered as their trademark style for my wedding! You have inspired soo many brides and it would be a dream to have just one item that was created by Free People for free people!

  142. It looks like these are made out of vintage/recycled fabric. I am always interested in reusing beautiful things. Very pretty!

  143. Please pick me! My daughter Annabelle loves butterflies. This would be perfect for her nursery =)

  144. I fell in love with these when they were in the stores and I wanted one badly! They are just the style of my apartment.

  145. Love these decadent, gorgeous, delicious butterflies. Does anything else scream magic and midsummer night dreams then dancing whirly beautifully sewn butterflies? I think not!

  146. so pretty! i’m decorating my new room and if i could start off with a piece like this, i’m sure my room will come out looking great :)

  147. AMAAAAAAAAAAZING for my apartment! I would hang right in a sunny corner!! love love loveeeeeeeee

  148. I have two little twin nieces (6 years old) that would absolutely adore these!!! I always take them with me to shops like Free People and they both love it so much. They’re the sweetest girls, and they’re always so amazed by pretty things like those butterflies.

  149. I commented on how much i lovedddddd these butterfly when you first had them in your home office! PLEASEEE send them to me <3!

  150. These beauties make me want to just flutter away in a whirlwind of lace and lightheartedness :)

  151. My little girls would be so delighted (and lucky!) to have these beautiful, fluttery, magical creations dangling from their ceiling!
    What a kind gesture!
    Thank you ;0

  152. First time I went to a Free People store, I saw these hanging up and thought they are all GORGEOUS!

  153. The butterflies would feel right at home with our flying kite, flying fairy, fish mobile and our flying cranes.

  154. Gorgeous! My family is a big fan of the butterfly. (So much so that my aunt named a boat El Papillon, and if I’m ever lucky enough to do the same one day, it’s going to be La Mariposa!) I can think of just the perfect place to hang this.

  155. I LOVE THESE!!!

    I just moved into a new house and I want to hang one of these in my room so bad!

  156. i saw this poem and thought is was perfect for these gorgeous creations.

    Upon a fuzzy vista – vision blurred –
    I tried to focus; nothing ever solid
    Came to view, but undeterred, I blinked
    An eye to try again. Through the mist
    A coloured hue; polychromatic flames
    Had flickered at a whim; a rhythm bore
    A thrumming too: a naturalistic hymn.
    Behold! Were I to find a synonym to
    Reproduce or recreate
    The apparition of a butterfly,
    Evolving through the waning vapour,
    Drawing on a sigh from this romantic.
    Glory be! The raging sun above
    Had fired his furnace, flaming off
    The hangers on. Now I saw the flare:
    His time has come. He spread a tortoiseshell –
    A scene of Mother Nature at her best.
    I lay in peace in knowing I was blessed.

    “apparition of a butterfly”
    – Mark R Slaughter 2009

  157. Those are simply gorgeous and would look so perfect in my children’s playroom! I hope I win!

  158. Wow! These are soo beautiful!!! Free people has an amazingly creative team! I am in love with every detail down to the tags!

  159. My little toddler loves butterflies and he would love these in his room! He says butterfly even when a wasp flies by! Ha! He loves flying creatures!

  160. These are so pretty! I want one for my cubicle =) I just started working and my desk is so.. empty!

  161. Wow! What a beautiful sight to see on my birthday! (Especially as I’ve had to come to work!)

  162. so beautiful! and I think it’s great that you are recycling your displays by giving them away!

  163. Any of these would be perfection in my new DD’s nursery or even over the changing station in our laundry room. Lovely!!!

  164. Love the products, and the display pieces.. they are veeeery pretty! keep up the good work.

  165. Butterflies. . .God’s words with colorful wings, spreading His love to all!
    now I want to try making one with my grand daughter!

    Beth Sparkman

  166. My Mom loves butterflies and I can hang them in her room at the nursing home. They are so colorful!

  167. This is so thrilling!! I tried to make one of these dragonflies at home because I loved them in the store so much. I made the dragonfly body but had a hard time attaching the fabric! I want to win!!!

  168. oh my gooodness i loved these i wanted to snatch them from where they were when i saw them. my birthday was yesterday so could i please have one as a belated gift :)

  169. I love these.. and all of the displays at FP– I’m currently planning my room redecoration and these would be perfect!

  170. oh!!! please pick me!! i’m redecorating my little sisters room and it’s butterfly themed!! these would be freaking AWESOME in her room – i know just where to put them!!!

  171. I can envision this ruffling in the summer breeze as it hangs near the windows in my office…inspiration doesn’t get much better than that!

  172. I wanted to comment on the beauty of these pieces. They remind me of my daughter who is almost 9. She currently has a pet green catapillar named Larry. She is fasinated with life, the earth and creatures. Her grade three class raised up catapillars into painted lady butterflies. They watched the whole life cycle and were able to release the butterflies as a class. She learned so much. So checking out a friends blog I happened upon your and was so blessed to see these beautiful creations. Being a scrapbooker I appreciate the detail time and inspiration in each creation. Love the fabrics and the art of it all. Enjoy and I hope these beauties find fabulous homes…We’d be happy to keep it company. :-) Sheri

  173. She’s the meanest saddest girl this whole town has ever sighed about. She only comes out at night fallen angle under the street light.

  174. That’s what I love about free people, when you go to the stores, everything inspires you to crafts ! (I customized my bike after a shopping trip in May) the details and idea’s are always really original and beautiful, and it’s what makes the clothes special… the little details.
    I can’t wait next season to see the next windows and designs.
    p.s: You are Beautiful

  175. I´m illustrating a children’s story about a tarantula called Mikaela and a butterfly and I need a model send me oneeee!!!

  176. absolutely love them!… for hanging at home as well as to hang up as a welcome for some awestruck incoming kindergarteners (coming into my classroom) in September!

  177. so beautiful. my sister is a butterfly collecting fanatic if i win it goes to her.

    cheers, Kristy

  178. Wow, these are beautiful! I see that you love your store because you take care of what you display on its window. That in its self attracts creative people.

  179. I absolutely love the display pieces and the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into. All the different fabrics from fp stuff reused for the display-GENIUS! I shop fp once a week, absolutely love to have even a small piece of the display for my space..

  180. these make me think of this lovely quote…

    “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free.” ~Charles Dickens

  181. my heart to leaping with excitement at the thought of hanging these in my baby girls room!!!!! perfect, fancy and just amazing

  182. free people- i love everything your company makes. you fill my closet full of vibrant colors, energy and love. one of these butterflies would be amazing to own.

  183. I would love to hang these in my little girls room. They are so lovely and sweet. I love them.

  184. what an delightful inspiration it would be to wake up to these butterflies floating in my room every morning!

  185. Beautiful!! My family is moving tomorrow… I sure could use a couple of these for my new bedroom :)

  186. These butterflies are so adorable! i love the detail and everything about them. once again free people, you never fail to amaze me!!

  187. Saw these beautiful butterflies in the store in Manhattan Beach and loved them and have been trying to find them! I would love to have one

  188. Ohhhh! I am a K-5 art teacher and my kids would love these
    hanging in the art room. They are so great!!!

  189. These pretty butterflies make me think of the sky, pretty sun, great weather and that Lily Allen song “LDN”. “Sun is in the sky, oh why oh why, would I wanna be anywhere else” <3

  190. any of the yellow ones would be absolutely gorgeous in my room! definitely something to pass down to your children for their rooms!

  191. These are so precious I can hardly stand it! I would love one to hang in my daughters nursery…*fingers crossed* <3

  192. “And when the caterpillar thought it was all over, it became a butterfly.” I love how the wings of butterflies seem to be made with stardust. I am 19 years old, and I’ve lived on my own since age 16. I moved halfway across the world and I am in the process of transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly. My wings are still growing, they are still damp from my cocoon, but one day they will spread and I will be able to unleash my brilliance over the world through my art and my advocacy. I would be honored to receive a butterfly to hang in my studio. It would remind me that the best is still yet to come and I should never give up on my dreams :)
    Thank you for this opportunity to win such a beautiful treasure!

  193. How pretty! If I don’t win one, I think I’ll just have to make my own. Any way you guys could put together a tutorial?
    theverybusyspider [at] gmail [dot] com

  194. oh, i love love love these, especially the dragonflies! hope i’m lucky enough to get one!

  195. beautiful. I would love one of these lovely creations to remind me of how wonderful spring truly is. Thanks for the opportunity.

  196. These Butterflies are very Elegant and Colorful. One would be so amazing in my home setting I would most definitely think of u.o. spring displays if I became one of the lucky winners. =)

  197. these are beyond beautiful. i would be so happy every time i looked at one hanging on my little (currenty bare) apartment wall!

  198. I would love to have one of these! Butterflies are an important symbol in our family so we have them everywhere!

  199. the fabric and detailing is incredible :) these would look amazing with my new antrho bedspread in my apartment
    free people never disappoints

  200. These are gorgeous and the colors & texture are beautiful, I’d love to hang one in my bedroom to add a hint of spring all year long!!

  201. I had the idea to make these, just never followed through! Wouldn’t mind starting a collection…

  202. My daugher tells me butterflies are kisses from someone special…these are designed and created by very special people of Free People.

  203. seriously free people these butterflies are amazing pieces of art. I would cherish one if I were to win!

  204. One of these would be perfect for a baby girl! I love the idea of mix and matching the subtle fabrics.

  205. I just started remodeling my room – I’m finished with the paint now on to the details! Free people has inspired a lot of my ideas and one of these would be perfect for my room!! They are so lovely.

  206. When I saw these in the store i wished you could buy them. They are so beautiful!!! Great for my room. :)

  207. ooh! I could put one of these in my glass room. It will be amazing during this summer. :)

  208. what a beautiful display. Springtime on the ceiling. I look forward to seeing what summer brings.

  209. Hello! these are so lovely. My sisters getting married on a farm on july 17th and these would be perfect!! …if i don’t win (which i really hope i do!) might try and make some myself :) xx

  210. the butterflies are marvelously outstanding! i love them!! thank you for the giveaway opportunity! FANTASTIC idea!!

  211. I had a husband once….he called these beauties “flutterbys”. It was the most poetic thing he ever said.

  212. i love these so much. butterflies are my most favorite thing in the world, and these are beautiful!

  213. I have a new home that’s waiting to be filled with beautiful things! One of these would be a perfect start!

  214. i remember having these in the store, each butterfly was SO different from the next, and super pretty if there was a light above it so you could see all the colors shine out of it :)

  215. i had to do a project in my fibers class with dyed fabric and sewing it together to make something inspired by a memory and this would have been a great idea!!! i hope i get one to see how the frame is constructed.


  216. Sweetly they float
    so high in the sky,
    Gentle Butterflies,
    Softly flutter on high.
    How wonderful one would look
    swinging in my tree,
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed
    That one will come to ME!

  217. I love these displays!! I worked at freepeople and always wanted to buy the displays..if only we sold them :)

  218. So beautiful! I have a thing for butterflies. Its on my list of things to do in this life to go to the Oyamel forest in Mexico and see all the monarchs!

  219. i would love to have these for my art students – to inspire them that they can create anything out of fabrics!

  220. my 2 year old daughter is in love with butterflies… she makes up songs and stories about them as she is drifting off to sleep at night. her birthday is july 3rd and she is asking for a butterfly for her birthday. i would love to surprise her with one of these amazing creations…they are incredibly lovely! thanks.

  221. OMG, they would look beautiful in my daugther’s room….. she loves birds and butterflies, and I would very much enjoy looking at them when laying on the hammock in her room reading books to her!

  222. These are truly stunning! One of these in my home would compliment my outdoor butterfly garden.

  223. these are absolutely gorgeous! i used to have handmade butterflies in my bedroom as a young girl, and these butterflies really bring me back to that time of wonderment! how lovely.

  224. Just moved out of my parents house back home, these would look stunning in the kitchen sunlight!

  225. absolutely gorgeous, should try making them sometime.. somehow i don’t see that working out though, now very crafty ;)

  226. How beautiful! One of these would be perfect to replace the giant paper crane I used to have, but was ripped up by my kitten…

  227. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I truly appreciate the fabrics and colours that make these butterfly’s etc come to life! We retail Free People in Canada at “Citrus Boutique” and these would merchandise so well with the colours of our store for summer.

    Fingers crossed xxxxx

  228. these are incredible!!!
    i really appreciate all the detailing and craftsmanship that goes into all of the displays :)
    would love to be able to hang one in my apartment!

  229. aw, i would adore one of these hanging from my four-poster.
    sincerely beautiful. i always love the fp store displays.