flea market score

fp jemma came in today wearing the cutest outfit – and the best part is she got it all for under $30 at the punk rock flea market in philly this weekend. here are the items she scored:




long smocked maxi dress $5, native indian feather necklace $1, heart bracelets $1, moon stone ring $5 and moccasins $15.



  1. can you not be so damn cute!!!!
    what an amazing outfit – looking forward to our wardrobe share state side

  2. Aww, i love it! I wish i would know when there were flea markets in so cal, they always seem to be up near l.a.

  3. i have a pair of mocs similar to that… what do you do if/when they don’t have anything on the bottom?! i desperately want to wear mine, but i’m afraid i’m going to ruin them….what to do?

  4. maggie, i have those too. you mean they’re just leather on the bottom? the leather will get dirty and turn black, but the leather hardens as you wear them. they’ll eventually wear out, but they’re pretty easy to come by at thrift stores.

  5. Wow if I knew you could score finds like that at a punk rock flea market, i woulda checked it out. The name alone kinda turned me off to visiting it, because I’m not in the punk rock scene.

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