july catalog: a travel diary

in april 2010 our catalog team went to california to shoot our first wholesale catalog, and then road tripped to dolores, colorado to shoot our july catalog at the beautiful dunton hot springs. our wonderful producer put together this travel diary of their journey.







stay tuned for much more from behind the scenes of the catalog shoot ;)


  1. The pictures are so beautiful, and I absolutely adore the new catalog!
    I thought to point out that the heading under the july catalog says june, but no matter what month it’s still all absolutely gorgeous!

  2. These pictures are beautiful. I just went on the same road trip, so thats really cool. Thank u :-)

  3. Next time you all do a shoot out west, definitely stop at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. It’s surreal, and amazing!

  4. I really appreciate you finding this out- I’m going on vacation soon, and this is going to be a great app to have with me! :o) Thank you!

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