the world is in the palm of our hands

post by our store operations intern, cara.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

One of my biggest fears is regret, and I know that if I do not see the world (or as much of it as I can), I will not be satisfied with my life.

I have always been curious; about other cultures, other music, other food, other fashion trends…about everything! Everyday I am anxious to experience new things in new places. I am lucky to have been to Italy with my family several times, along with Greece and Turkey. I have family in various states that have allowed me to go across the country. But I won’t stop now. I plan to see places that some people only dream of. The world is a beautiful creation and I won’t take it for granted while I am here. I am scared of being in unfamiliar place, but that’s the fun of it. Testing your own limits.

Working down at the Navy Yard, with the planes constantly passing over, has made me even more eager to visit a new place.

Where do you want to go before you die?

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13 years ago

I’d love to experience Thailand. But returning to France and spending long term time there is a dream!

kim bolton
13 years ago

i would go to South Korea and try and find my birth mother, absorb the culture and learn about my heritage.

13 years ago

my “most wanted to see” destinations are: Bora-bora, Indonesia and Greece!
I have to visit …. before i die =)

peace & love

13 years ago

I love to travel because i have a thirst for learning that has never been satisfied sitting in a classroom. There is nothing like experiencing first hand the way a place smells, feels, and is. I went to Kenya for three months to do volunteer work and it was an incredible adventure. In the future i would love to travel to several different places but on the top of my list is Rio De Janeiro!

13 years ago

I would love to visit Hong Kong. Being Cantonese and born in the United States and not really knowing your own culture kind of sucks. I’d really love to see what it’s like instead of watching movies or Chinese dramas on tv about the place

13 years ago

Madagascar! I saw an article in a travel magazine about all the wonderful flora and fauna of the island, and it looks so amazing, it’s my most-desired destination.

13 years ago

I’ve always had a great interest in the Scandanavian countries as well as India.

13 years ago

::sigh:: I always, always find myself daydreaming about traveling. I know what you mean about seeing the world while you’re here. I feel the same way.

Just to name a few: Cuba, Italy, Argentina, India, Japan, Morocco, Coasta Rica, Australia, Greece..and oh so many more places.

13 years ago

so many places, so little time :(

13 years ago

Paradise Falls South America (:

13 years ago

I have always wanted to go to Ireland!

13 years ago

Norway,to see the northern lights. I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to work and live overseas…so I’ve been ALOT of places and am currently living in Europe and about to move to Africa.
To Stephanie…of all the places I have been Hong Kong is one of my all time favorites! Amazing city and I hope you get to go. China is awesome country and can’t wait to return one day!

13 years ago

there are so many places i’d love to see, but to name a few, Morocco, Thailand, India and Ireland. definitely up there on my ‘places to go’ list

13 years ago

Heyy i’m from Ireland haha yeah it’s a pretty cool place kinda :P rains a lot though :( :P Really wanna go to New York, California and Australia.

13 years ago