so i saw these friendship necklaces on honestly…wtf last week and i’ve been thinking about them ever since.  they definitely bring back memories of grade school – although i actually still wear friendship bracelets that i made back in those days. what excited me about this was the idea of making lots of extra long necklaces to layer… and then i got to thinking… what if i tried it in my hair?

all you need to do this is some string – and if you want to make necklaces like the ones above, rope or hemp cord. if you don’t know how to make these, it’s incredibly simple and you can find an excellent tutorial right here.

during my lunch break i drove over to a.c. moore to pick up some string – so many colors to choose from!


i got some hemp cord too for when i make the necklaces.


these are the colors i’m going with for the hair wrap.


i took a small section of hair, wet it and twisted it up, and then just knotted the three strings around it – warning- it might not be easy to take out :)

now use your hair as if its the rope in the tutorial, and start wrapping! use one color at a time, holding the others in with the section of hair until you want to change them up.



another cool idea- wear the necklaces as belts:


last image – fashion gone rogue.

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13 years ago

i did the same thing in my hair about a month ago! but then i had to take it out– which is easy with some conditioner and a brush handy! :) yours looks great!

13 years ago

Yayyy! I am so glad you did this! Ever since Erica posted this I have been wanting to do one in my hair. I just finished a big job, so finally today I went to Michael’s and bought a ton of colors! I can’t wait to start my hair wrap. I’ll post it up on twitter. Honestly, everyone should do one!!
Lauren & Erica

13 years ago

Saw this post on too!
made a couple of headbands so far and a mobile of glass/driftwood/embroidery thread.
love love love this idea.

13 years ago

i loved this!! i recently found some of my string from a couple years ago and started doing the hair wraps!! i had the same colors as you guys!

13 years ago

I love these. i can’t wait to try them with my daughters. Something fun to try.

12 years ago

it might be easier to take out the string if you braid the section before wrapping it

11 years ago

I did this to my hair this last summer (2011) because i was really bored and it looked so pretty in some pic i had seen…it looked awesome (to me) but no one else really noticed it..maybe next time i’ll put it on the top layer instead of underneath because no one could really see it..when my mom seen it, she did think it looked really cute…I also braided the strip of hair before I wrapped it, it made it alot easier to work with :)

11 years ago

putting a charm or pretty pendant on the end also gives it a little something extra