bouncing round the room

last week i was passing by the area where our graphic designers and office coordinator sit…and something was different. their office chairs had been replaced by large exercise balls! hmmm…what’s this all about guys?

“we got them to strengthen our cores! exercise balls are the new thing.”

so have you noticed a change? do they work?

“yes! when you wake up you feel like you did crunches the day before.”

“it keeps you moving throughout the day so you get a little workout. and we have a mid afternoon workout session.”

“plus they keep you from getting sleepy sitting at your desk!”


what do other people think about your balls?

“they’re jealous! everyone wants them now.”


“the bouncing is good for your mental state too…you feel like a little kid!”


  1. My sister says that some schools are using these in the classroom! they keep the kids occupied without being a distraction to the rest of the class. Some photos ive seen, they disks around the base of the ball to keep them from slipping out from under them or rolling away! I wish i worked at a desk all day so i could have one!

  2. I keep one in my room and sometimes sit on it when i watch tv. For some reason it makes me kind of nauseous when I’m on it for awhile. I usually don’t sit still though–I play around on it. It might have to do with the motion sickness I sometimes get.

  3. lol! I don’t think that’s the proper way to use those. Looks like you guys have soo much fun i wish i worked there.

  4. I know plenty of people in Europe who use them as chairs. They strengthen your back muscle and do wonders if suffering from lower back pain. Doctors recommend these here.

  5. This is great! As a designer myself I know how tiring it can get sitting behind a computer all day in a chair. My boss and I have thought about getting exercise balls as well for all these reasons. Looks like fun!

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