1. I agree with the anonymous poster, the content of the post is great– I’d love it if someone yarn-bombed my car– but the title is definitely inappropriate.

  2. Love love love this yarn bombing! I love the bicycle! I just repainted my bike last weekend and now I wish I would have wrapped it in yarn instead!

  3. I think the title is a bit inappropriate because it’s a play on words of a potentially offensive slang phrase.. In the context of it’s website it makes sense, and is even pretty funny, and linking to it is fine, but using at the title sort of endorses the term it references. For a company that doesn’t have a ton of ethnic diversity in its publications…. it comes off as a bit racially insensitive, especially if you are a woman of color. I know you didn’t mean any harm by it, and probably didn’t even realize, but you should think these things through a bit before posting them!

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