meet our vintage buyer!

this questionnaire will give you a little bit of an idea of who our vintage buyer is, but it doesn’t paint the full picture.  just like the items she works with, ali is one of a kind.  in the time that i’ve known her, i’ve learned that ali: 1. has an amazing cocllection of vintage rock tshirts, 2. has an adorable bulldog, named  chloe, who is blind, 3. left her car in arizona, 4. has a fisher price record player at her desk, 5. records her vintage purchases in a leather bound journal from the 1800s.

here’s a little more about ali :)

what is your theme song?

“sunny day sweeping the clouds away…” – sesame street!

if you could go anywhere in the world, free of cost, where would you go?

fantasy island

if you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you want with you?

a bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin, an ipod and a satin eye patch.

how would you describe your personal style?

east meets west…old school urban cowgirl hippi crunchy.

what is your biggest fear?


winter, spring, summer or fall?

all you have to do is call.

what color are you?


what is your motto?

peace love happiness

what is your favorite hobby?

watching movies.

if you could spend a day with anyone – dead or alive – who would it be?

albert einstein.


  1. O.K., this chick Ali ROCKS!!!!! Amazing how your company attracts the most amazing wonderful individual personalities…”LOVE IS ALL AROUND”, and it shines! Keep up all of the great work, you’re the best…

  2. What qualifications does Free People look for in a buyer? Becoming a buyer is my life’s aspiration! How do I get there?

  3. Hi I have a lifetime of hip and heavy jewelry, carpet bags, vintage bags, boots, coats, feathers,fur,leather, patchwork, cords, peasant blouses ect. I am now 48 and will not have enough years left to ever wear all the many precious items I have obtained through flea markets, yard sales, treasure hunting, traveling, partying and the likes. What a long strange trip it’s been! I love my belongings like they are my kids. I would love to find a good home for them which may be Free People. Would love my clothes to be enjoyed and worn by groovy girls everywhere! Please reply before I die. Peace Pixie email me @


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