1. hi guys! we appreciate your input on the blog. Vintage Loves is a new concept for us and we’re excited to know what you think. a lot of work has gone into this and as you know today is our official launch. our vintage buyer has traveled the world to find these one-of-a-kind treasures. she has gone everywhere from vintage and antique shows to dealers and stores across the country. these are one-of-a-kind collectible items. we are thrilled with this addition to the Free People line. these rare and authentic pieces have been hunted down and preserved, and the price reflects the work that has gone into this exciting new line.

  2. Serisouly, Free People? Some of the items are so, so ridiculously priced that I feel embarassed for you and anyone who would purchase them. For example- $198 for a your ‘straw market bag’… You are aware of the face that you can find these A PLENTY (vintage and new and both in MINT condition) at ANY old thrift store or anywhere else for that matter for about $5. You are ripping off your customers. The girls who have gotten your company to where it is TODAY. I’m extremely disappointed with the way the Urban companies (especially FP) are moving. Just my opinion.

  3. very well said. i adore your clothes but can barely afford to buy them from tjmaxx because you overprice them so much. its time you start practicing the lifestyle you preach so religiously

  4. I would have loved to find these in a thrift store at thrift store prices, the rush you get from finding something unique and inexpensive is exciting… overpaying for what someone has already found and then marked-up would just give me buyers remorse. These clothes are beautiful maybe they will end up back in the thrift store after a wealthy woman is done with them and the trend is over.

  5. i just noticed i agree with anonymous , x , and Chelsey, and scout…not cool not cool at all , beautiful items, ridiculously over priced items!

  6. I was really exited about this ‘collection’. But like most people here, I’m super dissapointed. I really would rather search for stuff on my own, like I already do, than buy ‘handpicked’ items from here that are wayy too expensive.

  7. I love the concept but agree with the pricing being a bit high. I would love to see vintage pieces used to produce a new one of a kind piece(s) with a Free People spin. It would be awesome to see how your designers use these treasured pieces to make it Free People!

  8. not everybody has the time or desire to go sift through vintage racks all day to find the perfect skirt or top. this is where Vintage Loves becomes so handy, it’s like having your very own vintage personal shopper! i love it!

  9. The vintageloves line is amazing, their beautiful items but deff. over priced. anonymous & chelsey deff said it the bessst. let alone some of the best shoes in this line are small sizes, so its basically a waste. I’ve waited & waited to see these pieces & at first i was in awe .. but now thinking about it theres nothing reallly THAT GREAT to actually buy. Fp is starting to go down hill even there regular items arent that great anymore.

  10. You guys kind of sound like a bunch of babies ;) I def can’t afford these pieces but I can understand why they are priced so high, first it’s Free People what did you expect, 50 bucks hahaha? Second, these are one of a kind gorgeous pieces that I have never seen the likes of in thrift stores as claimed. Third, Free People is a business at the end of the day, why charge 10 dollars when you can charge 200 dollars and be sure that someone out there will buy? Stop shopping here if you are so unhappy, I still think Free People rocks!

  11. While I think these pieces are unique and add to the beautiful aesthetic to your clothing, these prices are over the top. I think it has hurt your credibility significantly by pricing these items ridiculously high. The whole appeal of your clothing is that it offers an alternative to typical styles with your massive variety, and your clothing represents amazing hints of previous vintage styles and combines them with current trends. I can obviously appreciate that your trying to bring pieces from all over the country to your customers, for almost $1000 (for a pair of moccasins, alone), I could fly to wherever they were bought, stay in a hotel, go shopping and probably still have money left over. I am all for vintage items and the greener aspect of shopping it promotes, but how can you say that your promoting a peace-loving and carefree look when your prices reflect massive inflation?I never thought your brand would represent massive product markups that department stores use-ever!

    Obviously there are two sides to every selling point. Good quality vintage can cost more for restoration, cleaning, etc, and quite truthfully if you had put more thought into this line I happy to pay more money for it (not as much as it is currently selling for, but more then your regular prices). Since you claim each piece is so special, it would even made have sense if it was pricey, but you provided some background on these items and their validity such as the era it is from, why it is such an individual or statement piece

    I hope you take this comment into serious consideration.

  12. Okay, I am someone who is often frustrated and annoyed with the folk who hop on the facebook page and complain about the price of the products FP sells. Honestly, I think the FP line is priced quite well relative to all other clothing goods in the market. That said, I’m left scratching my head with the Vintage Loves “collection”.

    Let me start out by saying that my claim is not that the items are “over-priced”, but that at this time, the prices of the items seem to have been pulled out of a top hat and tend to trend towards insane. Example: The pink silk teddy was less than $100, and there was a pink slip for right at $50. Those seem like they’d be items that FP should have expected to sell well, and likely could have charged a higher price. I could justify spending money on those pieces. Without knowing their label, or how “rare” the articles were/are, or how “fashionable” they are/were, etc, those items are unique and interesting enough to merit a $100 price tag. On the other hand, the prices charged for the moccasins are INSANE! (Especially given that one can’t even return the shoes if they turn out to be less than the price and/or sizing would suggest they are.) The vintage roller skates seem far more unique and considerably more “worth it”, yet they are priced less – although, I’d say they are still overpriced given the price of comparable products on the internet. Okay, so FP Julia says that these are rare, and one of a kind… collectibles even. The above poster is correct, tell me why I should shell out half a month’s rent on a pair of old moccasins that I can’t return. Were these crafted by a member of an Indian tribe that ceased to exist 50 years ago? Are they made of some special sort of hide? Is there something about the detailing on the shoes that makes them so special? I am willing – but hesitant – to believe that the price tags on these items weren’t decided by rolling a pair of 26 sided dice, and am even willing to believe that the person in charge of pricing the items genuinely believed the price tags are the correct ones to place on all items listed… but the marketing team failed miserably in capturing the justification for the price tags, and has left a lot of potential consumers dumbfounded and annoyed. Old/vintage does not = quality/collectible/rare/expensive without justification. The added risk involved in “no returns” – WHY??? Please explain this policy! – automatically makes the items worth less than if consumers could return the items, and… Well, there’s not much more to say on the matter. I just hope that FP Julia doesn’t come back on here and happily remind us what great and rare finds the vintage shopper has spend hours and hours on putting together for us.

  13. whatever, I used to love free people, their prices have always been against what they stand for, this is obvious (their sales are alright though- sometimes) , definatley not peace love & hippie , just posing, maybe the truth is coming out, free people time to live up to your reputation, considering changing your name to ” GREEDY PEOPLE” Alyssa we should be free to say what we think, thats why there are comment boxes to post our input, thats what this feature is all about, should we nod our heads & agree with everything like robots? that’s your opinion & your choice.

  14. Beautiful finds, but way out of my price range. In fact, Free People is practically always out of my price range. I unfortunately have to use Free People for inspiration only. Nevertheless, the vintage pieces are definitely inspirational.

  15. I must “ditto” much of what was said above.

    I was excited and following the count down for Vintage Finds…only to be taken aback by the prices on these “finds”.
    I’ll be visiting the fp site/blog for inspiration, searching the local tj’s and ross’s for fp deals, and heading to my local vintage stores for my own “finds” in a reasonable price range.

    In the long run…it’s much better to support your local thrift stores.

  16. First off I adore free people and think the vintage collection is beautiful! My heart sank though when I realized that if I purchased anything from the collection I wouldnt be able to eat for a week… prices are steep. I know these are “one of a kind” but I can go on and find the same thing for half the price. Congrats to those who can afford because the clothes are AMAZING. But for people on a budget (like me) we are going to have to just look and fantasize. AHHH one day….

  17. Vintage Love is the best collection of vintage I have ever seen. Of course the prices are going to be high, but these items are special and one of a kind. This is limited stock and a lot of these items have been sold so I don’t see a problem with the pricing. Sellers on etsy couldn’t get away with these prices, but I wouldn’t expect a vendor like Free People (who sent their buyer around the world to pick this stuff out) to price down to typical independent business standards. Free People is first and foremost a business, and I get why people expect them to be against trying to maximize profit.

  18. oops I meant to say I DON’T get why people expect Free People to be against trying to maximize profit.

  19. I agree with almost everyone else who complains about the prices. I love freepeople’s style, clothes, and marketing, however I could never and will never buy a single piece of clothing from them. Instead I get inspired by some of the styles, then go out and by clothing that looks exactly like it for under $30.. The vintage collection looks gorgeous – however I’ll happily attend bizaar sales, thrift stores, yard sales, etc to find my own pieces that will not break the bank OR support such an insanely over-priced company that uses the whole hippy/bohehiam lifestyle as a simple marketing tool.

  20. I wonder what happens when you put your expensive used item in the washing machine , haha , that’s probably why you can’t return them folks!!!

  21. Cute stuff, but wow. I expected it to be more like Fossil’s line of vintage one-of-a-kinds (which are still pricy of course, but not nearly as bad). Also, etsy is a great place to buy vintage clothing and accessories from sellers too if you didn’t want to search though thrift stores yourself, and the sellers keep things much more competativly priced (plus you can support people running their own small businesses based on their passions). While I love free people clothing and own a couple of pieces, I can’t say that I didn’t see past the facade to marketing a lifestyle. Urban’s owner is infamously conservative, and while the blog is great about showcasing lots of outside inspirational work, Free People is just as capitalistic as Walmart or any other conglomerate. Pretty stuff to look at, but I’m disappointed as most here are.

  22. I am absolutely in love with this collection. If I had a dream clothing line this is what it would be. Thank you for living my dream!

  23. I could see how some may be put off by the pricing, but I’m sure that the buyer did not intentionally mark things up to stick it to the customer. It is obnoxious to hear her get personally attacked. The pieces are gorgeous. Can I afford everything in this line? No. But I admire and appreciate the work that went into it and I think that the line is amazing.

  24. I can’t believe how worked up everyone is getting…It’s *just* clothing… If you don’t like it/can’t afford/morally disagree with Vintage Loves, don’t buy it! And honestly, you can’t find this stuff anywhere. I went to my local Salvation Army this weekend and found nothing amazing..unless of course a dirty Hannah Montana bicycle helmet and poly/rayon office wear from 1998 are considered rare finds…..

  25. Yes, it is just clothing but I’d like to hear a sound, reasonable explanation from FP as to why they are charging exorbitant prices without detailed information about the pieces themselves – as many have pointed out. Then again, it’s clear they don’t have to justify anything if they don’t want to. Not everyone can afford these pieces but perhaps that’s the point.

    Behind the talented and creative people and the marketing and aesthetics at FP is a large corporation hoping their customers will pay any price to buy into the fantasy they are selling.

  26. why is free people charging exorbitant prices you ask? Ever heard of supply and demand? Lots of demand not much supply. If everything had been priced under 50 dollars it would have been gone the moment the items were released to the public. They have one of each of these pieces so of course they are going to hold out for someone willing to spend 500 bucks on each. Why not? They are a business afterall. All you people complaining about the capitalistic nature of Free People, welcome to America!

  27. hey guys…we appreciate your comments and value your opinions, but any comments personally attacking people will be removed as this is meant to be a positive, constructive atmosphere. we are taking your comments to the people who need to see them and hope to address them in time.

  28. It seems like the new vintage collection is very controversial. While I think the items are expensive, I don’t think the prices are over the top. They are rare vintage items that took a lot of money to find, market, and sell. The prices are even comparable to Free People’s sister store Anthropologie, you don’t see anyone crying over prices on their website. I think it’s interesting that everyone complains that the FP prices don’t reflect the lifestyle they market to, but when I look at the price tag on a FP clothing, I see the hours of design, production/supply chain movement, and marketing that has gone into the creation, by amazing artists at the company and I know it’s worth. Be creative is free, purchasing others creative talent isn’t.

  29. anthropologie clothing does not come with rips or tares and does not have a meter rating the “condition” their clothing comes in. It can also be returned and is made to last. that is why no one is objecting to their prices in this manner. people are expressing their thoughts on here because clearly their comments are actually being read.

  30. The items are very pricey for “hippies”
    something Mary-Kate can definitely afford
    but not most of us average girls, I know
    I can’t and its a shame ’cause the pieces are
    great and those that have the money WILL get it
    first :(

  31. Nobody is railing on capitalism, nor does anybody seem to not understand supply and demand. Only a few are criticizing high prices in general. The majority of posts on here are not “complaining” about high prices, rather they are questioning what makes the items for sale “worth it”. Saying “the items are one of a kind” isn’t enough. I made a star shaped ash tray for my dad in second grade. It is the ONLY one in existence. Very “one of a kind” and about as “rare” as it gets. I would be a fool to attempt to charge more than .50 for the thing. (And if FP found it, and decided it looked “special”, they would be out of their collective minds to charge more than $10 for it, assuming the FP name alone carries enough weight to trick someone into believing the stupid thing is actually worth something.)

    Now, if I told you that I made that ash tray under the direct supervision of Pollock right before he got into splattering paint on things for fun… then you’ve got something you can justify charging an arm and a leg for, because there would be a realistic expectation that someone would believe the history of the ash tray makes it a “collector’s item” of some sort. Infact, nobody would criticize me – or FP – for charging an arm and a leg for the item if that information was disclosed regarding the ash tray.

    The items that have sold so far are items that are cool in their own right, and frankly, seem to have been priced about right. If those moccasins sell at the price they are at, any of them, I’ll shut up, and so should everyone else. If some of those knit jackets sell, we should shut up and wonder where the Kool Aid is being handed out. Anyone who thinks the items are priced accordingly should go to the clothes, sort by price, and check out what is and is not selling. The stuff that isn’t selling is all the crazy expensive, generally odd/unattractive/discolored/spotted items that unless they are vintage Chanel, make zero sense as to why they’re priced like they are – or are even up for sale. I love capitalism, trust me, I’m the first to defend it… I’m not criticizing Vintage Loves and neither are most of the posters… I’m simply dumbfounded and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from FP about what they were thinking when 1. they priced everything and 2. they decided “no returns on this expensive stuff that is vaguely sized and has imperfections that we haven’t taken up close pictures of for you the buyer!”

    Side note: The Anthropologie point, I believe, is that a lot of Anthro clothes are *very* vintage in look and feel, but they’re brand new, and you can try them on, and wash them, return them if they don’t fit, etc. Honestly, a lot of the Anthro stuff looks more vintage than some of the actual vintage being sold av VLoves. Those clothes are all way more expensive than FP clothes, but nobody complains because the prices make sense. And given that you can actually wear/wash Anthro clothes, and get a good fit, we’d rather get new vintage. (And if we want vintage vintage, Etsy it is.) Again, most on here aren’t railing on making money/profit… we’re just really confused to the point of annoyance.

  32. I must say I was floored when there was no fabric or material listed, cotton vs polyester, HUGE DIFFERENCE. And personally fabric is a huge selling point for me. For selling such “quality” and “unique” items that they may be, certainly there was not enough information provided for each piece (sizing, material, origins, not even a picture of the item on a body) to assure the buyer of such a pricey purchase. Free People, charge whatever you like for your items, I will find my own, but for those who opt out and turn to your vintage loves collection please at least let them know what their buying.

  33. fair points hmmm, I too, though can understand why the high prices though I agree I would need much more assurance in my purchasing of one of the pieces saying I had the money to splurge on them, cannot understand the no return policy. Seems like a cheap tactic I’d expect Forever 21 to use not Free People.

  34. I agree so strongly with Kristen. I frequent the FP website and blog for inspiration, and the vintage loves collection does no such thing for me. If FP wishes to branch into this specialized direction, perhaps they should do it more separately of the main FP brand, and keep the wonderful Free People aesthetic and philosophy a little more authentic.

  35. this is insane, what’s going on here, am i reading right? it has stains discoloration & a tear & you expect $428.00+ for items , did these belong to cleopatra, michael jackson, Farrah Fawcett , jackie – o , anna nicole smith, sitting bull, crazy horse, …please I’m (..we are) dying to know the history that was read about these handpicked lovely items??? ”who sent their buyer around the world to pick
    this stuff to price down ”, i’m sure it was fun & these items were probably under $5.00, this isn’t one of a kind go to the salvation army
    or a yard sale… and there’s TONS of stuff like this for less $5 , well , cheers for the misguided who buy in so easily. for all we know these
    items were found at their local flea market (like the commenter above said about the 15$moccasins..this is a ”rare” find, i’m sure ,
    it takes time to find beautiful vintage things they don’t just jump out at you it would be nice for
    some people though, who have a hard time shopping/thinking/dressing for themselves “I spend hours going through the racks”).
    And these were ” handpicked each item with love, bringing thoughts and emotion to each piece ” or hand picked it with stains,
    tears, discoloration, & a lil’ greed, i’m sure. ” Vintage loves is filled with items that will captivate you and lock you into a world of curiosity ”
    More like captivate you into a world of debt, right ,right?? Yes material is very very important, i think this is even a requirement for vendors,
    why pay hundreds for something used & thats polyester, mmm mmm..

    yep EXACTLY it’s JUST CLOTHES, it isn’t a diamond, platinum, or gold. anonymous just found what i was thinking about reading past blogs,
    about scoring tons of stuff for under 30$ (locally may i add)(to think some can’t find anything amazing at their local salvation army. once again
    remember wise advice ””I spend hours going through the racks” from yours truely) well we’re on to this facade, i’ dont know but
    theres something wrong with something when an item with ”condition issues, stains, & tears” sells for 800 bucks or so. some say they may starve
    for a week purchasing some of these items but others when sold! will have plenty of snacks & nice meals.
    BTW folks shouldn’t be alarmed with these comments freepeople (supposedly) stands for freedom and (supposedly of course) believe and love
    freedom, so it’s cool & we’re only using our freedom to speak our opionions & think for ourselves. i’m really not trying to rain on anyone’s
    parade here …just a thought.

  36. Although I love the concept fp has come up with, and the idea that they are moving along with the vintage trend, I have to agree that this stuff is not as rare as it is being portrayed. Being from New York city, I do realize I have more shopping options than others, but I’d find it hard to believe that other cities don’t have some similar stores. I love vintage clothing, and truly enjoy quality pieces, much like the ones fp is offering, however the price is much much too high. I have paid prices similar, but for vintage COUTURE pieces, which these are not. Just to give people an idea, beautiful very intricate dresses are usually about $100-$300 maximum at my favorite NYC vintage boutiques, and pants, jackets and shirts anywhere from $30-$100, etc. So overall, yes fp has found some beautiful stuff that isn’t at the salvation army, but is definitely available at many vintage boutiques, at a much more affordable price. Also, any damage or anything beyond very light wear and tear (including rips and stains) is usually discounted.

  37. Ahh the vintage loves collection! The clothes are stunning and I was more than excited to buy some sweaters and what not but once I saw the prices I felt that someone stabbed my heart! This is ridiculous to say the least. A $300 ponchwith tears in it !? What gives free people?? And I’m one who usually finds the prices fine, I mean more than half of my closet is free people and I still find this outrageous.. Free people I’m sorry to say but you have disappointed so many of your customers

  38. I was so happy to be able to buy the silk tie dye top from the Vintage Loves collection. It was sold when I first saw it and then it was for sale again, which I did think odd. I inquired by email with FP a few days later as to why it is on “backorder” and the response is that “it is no longer available”. I find that totally unacceptable. How much do you want to bet that it becomes for sale again to keep the public interested in this new concept? I am so disgusted by Free People taking this item away from me with no specific explanation. The prices, fine. I’m a regular, high paying customer; but this has done me in with FP unless they can make it right.

  39. I saw the patchwork skirt, angora and silk dress up for sale 3 times after being “sold”. FP is not making good on honoring my buy of the silk tie dye top because of reasons “beyond their control”. I would say that things are in their control, but reselling items your customers already bought online is not a great practice.

  40. Yes, i could barely afford the regular price items, when I looked at the prices of the vintage clothes I just gave up, I will now go to a thrift store and look for vintage, I could find that fringe vest for way cheaper somewhere else.

  41. I don’t get the point of, what some other girls have also pointed out, why is something listed as sold–and then pops back up as being available (particularly if it’s one of a kind…unless one-of-a-kinds come in multiples now). Nor do I understand the point of even showing items that are unavailable.
    If it can’t be purchased, why is it being shown?

  42. I have to agree with the majority of the voices posting here. Free People Vintage Love is pretty to look at, but ridiculous on pricing. Has anyone heard “There’s a sucker born every minute”? If people have indeed been sent around the world to source this stuff out they could of come up with much better to warrant the crazy pricing. I’m not surprised by the response you’ve received. No one likes to be fleeced! I’ll continue to do my own “sourcing”.

  43. Perhaps we all cant afford or care to spend this much on an item, but taht doesnt mean that others shouldnt have the option to purchase these clothes. Yes FP can be a little pricey, but so is the majority of other brands you find in your typical department store. Besides, FP alwasy has the largest section of sale items I have every seen- so you can always pick up good deals there.

  44. I wouldn’t mind the pricing if there were some sort of guarantee on quality. But there isn’t.
    This used goods they’ve found from random places and they’re unable to even list the materials they’re made out of. For all I know, the shirt they’re peddling for $300 was bought by someone from K-Mart for $10 and resold at a flee market for $3…but since it “looks” vintage, they can hike up the price.

    If I buy a designer purse, I know for a fact that there’s quality behind the materials used and don’t mind paying. I don’t know what’s being done with Vintage Loves products.

  45. Honestly.. free people is ripping people off by their so-called vintage line. I buy and sell vintage and have my own shop where I do so. These things are mostly typical thrift store finds at insane prices. I mean, some of the things I see.. such as the crochet collars.. I’ve seen these (and bought them) in antique shops for $15.. while they are trying to sell it for $200?! Come on now… And those hideous, dime a dozen button up shirts? $150 bucks?! wow…

  46. Another item that was sold and is now suddenly up for sale again. And it’s a tie dyed halter again, although there are other items I have seen them do this with. What horrible business practice. Peace, Love, and all that right back at ya FP.

  47. Are you having a laugh? the jacket from Vietnam? The price is beyond a joke, I have a friend who sells these in there shop for £40 !!
    Total joke prices.

  48. I love Free People, but this is truly ridiculous. In it’s newest “pearl collection”, FP are selling faux pearls for upwards of $300, and stretch rhinestone bracelets for upwards of $100. At, many other vintage shops, one would be able to find real cultured pearls for that price, and similar bracelets for about $25.

    I’m sure they find unique items here and there. But anyone shopping the Vintage Loves site owes it to her/himself to do their research before purchasing.

  49. I agree with most of you, and you can tell the positive reviews sound like someone from the company. I stumbled across this site from a pinterest link, not knowing who or what the company was about. 1. Absolutely shocked by the prices. 2. Brain tries to justify the prices 3. Cannot find justification, as, if you think you can’t find all this stuff at markets and op shops, well you are a sheep and just think anything with a high price tag must be cool or worth it. Good luck to you in life! You can find this kind of stuff in op shops for sure! And cheap shops! In fact they are all boring, run of the mill designs and designed for those with no imagination that aquire self worth from the cost of their clothes. Give it to the poor and reassess your life!

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