i saw this DIY and it immediately reminded me of free people- fabric covered hangers!  i have a bunch of plain old wire hangers in my closet and i think they are in need of a makeover.  all you need is fabric – this would be a great way to reuse old free people bags! – and glue.

start by taping the starting point of the fabric to the hanger, and then proceed to wrap the fabric around the hanger.  when you have covered the hanger, put a dab of glue on the end of the fabric and you’re done!



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ooooooooooooooooo pretty :)

that is so pretty!!! i love that idea…i usually throw away all my dry cleaning hangers & now i can decorate them. thanks for sharing julia.

I featured this project on my blog! I want to make a few more for my closet with fabric instead of the yarn i used originally :)


Adorable!! I might actually try this DIY!


When I saw the Vintage Loves previews I saw some great covered hangers and have wanted to try it ever since! Thanks for the special DIY.


very clever diy! i will be doing this with my hangers.
the wire hanger made me think of that scene from mommy dearest, though. lol

What a great idea!


awesome! totes gonna try it <3