dip dye hair DIY!

remember a couple of weeks ago when i posted a pic of my hair? well now you finally get to see how we did it! we brought in lovely hair stylist lauren rhodes, of house productions hair studio in philly, to demonstrate how to dip dye your hair!








thank you so much lauren, i love it! also thank you to fp jemma, our photographers and videographer for making this happen :)

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11 years ago

Love the pink braid!

BTW did you see Ashley Tisdale in one of your dresses?



11 years ago

I’m so doing this! Did you use permanent dye?

11 years ago


11 years ago

it looks awesome, i love how it looks in a braid and probably looks sick in a bun too.
do you think that when you bleached your ends that much they got really damaged? thats all im concerned about..

11 years ago

Whoa! Soooooo cool! I love it. I will definitely be doing this. It looks so cute braided like that too. Lauren has wicked cool hair as well :)

11 years ago

I love this concept, dyed hair is so much fun. Great post, thanks for the inspiration!


11 years ago

i entirely agree with what you say simply as im from poland and my english isnt that cracking im not sure if i interpreted everything word-perfect. I would like if you could post a translated version of your posts, so i can read them more easily. promise to read again soon here!

11 years ago

love these how-to posts! keep em up!

11 years ago


11 years ago

Is there a way to do this dip-dye effect without bleaching my hair totally blonde first? I’m just worried about the damage but I am in love with the look.

11 years ago

wonderfully-in-love with this look! does it also look good with hair that’s not too long? like,a little bit longer then shoulder-length?

ella Butler
11 years ago

heey, sorry i know it was ages ago. but me and 2 friends reallly want to dye our tips, but wash out cause our parents wont freak! we waited all this time, till the holidays and i find out that i have to bleach my hair first! i have lightish-darkish kinda brown, so i was just wondering is bleach like permanent? so like, if i did use bleach and wash out would the bleach wash out too? and if i dont use bleach, do you know if it looks bad? please help!

11 years ago

this video is amazing!
i have a dirty blonde colour of hair, but i still want to bleach it to make it really bright.

i’ve heard that bleach can ruin the ends of your hair and my mum refuses to let me bleach it.did you use some spesh type of hair bleach?

Olivia Falcone
11 years ago

I dyed my hair exactly like this this afternoon! i love it, i’ve been wanting to do it since this was first posted. It’s a little shocking pink right now, but it’ll fade soon…love the constant inspiration from this blog
<3 olivia

11 years ago

I am dying to do this ! But im so scared to damage my hair. Could you possibly tell me the specific brand of dye you used ? Thank you soo much and i love itt !

sophie fielding
11 years ago

is it semi permanent? if so, how long would it take to wash out?

11 years ago

id have it brighter and longer so its about 5 inch from the end but its a stunning look and i think its brillian because you can have it any colour and be unique !

Lena yavrouian
11 years ago

what brand of dye did you use?

11 years ago

if you guys think this will damage your hair, it will but it is only the ends. which are usually dead anyways. also if you don’t like it, you can always get a haircut!

10 years ago

I think this is sooooo cool! Im definitely doing this :)
But is there a way of doing it with non-permanant dye ?

10 years ago

Is the bleach permanent??

10 years ago

Can u dip dye ur hair without bleaching it?

10 years ago

i was just wondering if you can dip dye the hair using ordinary permanent/semi permanent coloured hair dye? :) thanks!