semester at sea

nicole, one of the fp girls who works in our soho, new york, store recently spent a semester at sea- during which she got to visit many amazing places all over the world.  i can’t even imagine what a life-changing and invaluable experience that would be… if i make it to half of the places she visited in my life i would consider myself quite lucky.  fortunately for us she took lots of photos and shared them with me for the blog!

agra, india

rocking fp on an elephant in chennai, india!

CapeCoast, Ghana

cape coast, ghana

Accra, Ghana

accra, ghana

Amazon River3

amazon river, south america

Cape Town, South Africa

cape town, south africa


port elizabeth, south africa


port elizabeth, south africa

Beijing, China

beijing, china

Guilin, China

guilin, china

Yang Shuo, China

yangshuo, china

Yang Shuo, China2

yangshuo, china

NhaTrong, VietNam

nha trong, vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, VietNam2

ho chi minh, vietnam

Hiroshima, Japan

hiroshima, japan


somewhere at sea :)

thank you so much for sharing, nicole!


  1. Nicole!!! This is mikey from SAS, the other free people girl on the ship!…I just checked the fp blog, which i do nearly everyday, and i almost teared up when I saw your pictures. I just got so excited!! Miss you and the mv! hope all is well!
    Here is my blog full of semester at sea photos as well!

    Take care Nicole, thanks for sharing!!

  2. So glad you put these up! And Mikey- can’t believe you ran in to it without knowing! Life changing- and about 10,000 photos to prove it! Wish I was still exploring!

  3. This looks so amazing, I am studying in Portugal my next semester in school… I can’t wait to have these experiences – amazing photos and congratulations!

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