1. looks beautiful! cant wait!! and i love that model , who is she?? can you make a post about her ? she has great style , love the way she looked with short hair and now with long.

  2. ahhhhhh dresses knee length boots and large sweaters? mama’s coming hoooooooooooooooooome!! wooooo right up my side of the river

  3. Beautiful photos, as always
    I do however wish that you would use models that have a bit more weight on them. Those girls are lovely, and they are very young
    but most of your clientele is not stick straight and built like a hanger
    and they shouldn’t aspire to it either

  4. i love all the boots that free people sells, but i wish you would sell some that are also targeted for shorter people! I’m 5’4 with shorter legs and all of the boots are way too tall for me :( can’t wait to be amazed but the september catalog though!

  5. the model with dark hair is absolutly stunning.
    is it really possible to be that beautiful?
    she cant be real!

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