september catalog – the photographer

our september catalog was shot by the talented iain mckell, whose editorial “kate and the gypsies” was a huge inspiration for our team. they even got to see his art book first hand, with outtakes and notes from the shoot. here are a few shots from that editorial, as well as some photos from his amazing series called “the new gypsies.”

Kate Moss 5crop



new gypsies 1

new gypsies 4

new gypsies 6

new gypsies 13

new gypsies 15

new gypsies 16

new gypsies 17

new gypsies 7

i’m so fascinated by these new gypsies…i would love to spend a week with them.


  1. at times i think i’m an aspiring photographer, and i just want to say thanks for making them a prominent part of the fp blog<3

  2. i’ve never seen a gypsy before. what do they do? what part of the atmosphere did they originate from? I can’t describe the vibe I get from this photograph, but i’m facinated.

  3. where are these gypsies from? My mom is from Romania and told me she used to go to some pretty awesome gypsy parties back in the day…
    Thanks for the post!

  4. I know the woman in tartan… Her name is Heather and she’s known as Tartan Heather.. She’s a friend of mine and I’ve known get for many years. THAT was how she looked when I first met her but now sports an impressive Mohican and busks in Glasgow City Centre and Edinburgh.

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