introducing wee people!

i am so excited to introduce wee people… a line for our tiniest muses!

the collection captures the spirit of the free people girl in her earliest stages, when fairy tales are real and imagination knows no boundaries.  whimsical party dresses to release her inner princess, cozy sweaters and items with free people’s unique details and elements to make her feel as special as she is.

the line is the baby of our managing director of design and image, who drew her inspiration from her daughter and the desire to create a wardrobe for her that had the same uniqueness as free people. the focus of the first collection, which falls during holiday season, are girly party dresses countered with cozy, comfy items made to be played in all winter long.

the size range for wee people is 2t – 6t. the collection will debut online and in our november catalog on november 2nd.

here are some outtakes from our wee people photo shoot, featuring some of the cutest little models you’ll ever see!







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this is adorable:) this makes me want to have a girl

Precious! So happy my sister is having a little girl so we can dress her up. Just blogged about your new line to spread the word! :)

Oh my! This just made my day :)


oh my goodness! love. love. love.


so excited about this; my sister is gonna love this; can’t wait to get something for my niece! =)


i’m dying right now, this is too good!


this is amazing! the last pic is hilarious. love.


this is so cute! i love that fp made a line for little girls that embodies the spirit of free people, but still keeps it age appropriate. i wish i had a daughter or niece to buy pretty clothes for!


My sister, Maddie, is 5 ! When can you buy these clothes!? I am going to DECK her out !!!!



Yay!! Finally, Some cool kids clothes! I have a 4 year old daughter and it’s SO difficult to find stylish/bohemian clothes for kiddies. I’m super excited about this! Are you guys accepting “wee people” model submissions? Ha! =)


So adorable!! Now that there are clothes for the boyfriend and i are wondering when you guys will introduce a guys line? Soon i hope!


How adorable! I wish had a daughter or a niece so I could buy these clothes!


Oh no you didn’t! :D LOVE IT! Any discounts for loyal followers and lovers of all things Free People???!

Your models are so adorable! This is a great campaign!

YAY! I know the little model in the last picture and I can say she is as cute in real life as in her pictures! Such a great line! I love the cozy sweaters paired with the feminine girly dresses. Wonderful!


OMG I am way too excited about this!
any hope of a wee people’s model search in the near future??


Just awesome, my little one was completely enamored with the dresses and the models are simply adorable!

Anna Clare Culp

This is the most adorable thing ever!! I just got married and of course people automatically ask so when are you having kids?! Well it’s a ways off but now I’m looking forward to it even more with this amazing line!!! They are just too cute!


This is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!! soo exciting!


love love love IT!!

I just had a little girl about 3 months ago and I just discovered this new line today. I am so exstatic! I have always LOVED Free People and I am so excited to dress up my little mini me! I called my husband, my dad, my sisters and my friends to tell them about it. I’m pretty sure I just died and went to heaven!


This is genius! I’ve always been a fan of free people and I always thought of what it would be like if they had a line for little ones! I would love working in an environment of such creativity and inspiration. :)


Love this! What type of dog is in the first photo? ADORABLE!