1. This reminds me of an exhibit I saw at the museo nacional in costa rica this summer by a textile artist Silvia Piza-Tandlich called Metamorphosis, A New Cycle… It screamed free people and you guys should totally feature it on the blog!

  2. These are so beautiful. What a clever and unique idea! If these aren’t already displayed in a Free People store, they should be! I LOVED the recent umbrella installations I saw in the San Antonio store.

  3. i think these are what i have been dreaming of since i was six. i had dreams of making my own american flag, but being a southern girl i was always worried about insulting the traditionals. these are amazing, they are the flags of the citizens of the world.. viva america, viva el mundo!

  4. When you are hanging a flag on a door the star field needs to be on the LEFT hand side. Not the right hand side. Most of the star fields shown in the post are incorrect. I hope the artist just flipped the photos.

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