as promised, the lovely ladies of free people austin lamar have provided step by step instructions on how to put in these rad feather hair extensions! i’m so bummed i didn’t know how to do this all summer long!

step 1: pick anywhere from 3-5 feathers. you can buy the feathers at some hair salons, or order them from etsy.

step 2: pick a small piece of hair- we suggest either under a layer of hair on top, or a small piece of hair underneath, right by the ear.


Step 3: if you don’t have a fancy tool, you can just take a piece of fishing line and loop it! then place the hair extension bead through both ends. you can find these beads at any beauty supply store that carries hair extensions.


step 4: pull the small piece of hair that you selected through the loop.


step 5: move the bead up the fishing line and onto the piece of hair.


step 6: pull the hair through the bead completely, and make sure it stays about an inch from the scalp.


step 7: take your cluster of feathers, and make sure every feather makes it into the bead!


Step 8: once you make sure all of the feathers are in, you can trim any of the excess that is sticking out of the top of the bead.


step 9: take pliers and squeeze the bead until it is completely closed.


VOILA!!! you have beautiful feathers in your hair!!


now if you want to take it a step further, put some feathers on both sides of your head and put your hair into a french braid:



peace of cake ;)


to remove the feathers you can just pinch the bead with pliers in the other direction to open it and they slide right out. or after a week or two they might slide out on their own.

the feather can get wet, washed, brushed, blown dry and straightened! you can pretty much just treat them like your own hair.

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13 years ago

I wish I’d have known how to do that this summer as well! Also, I love the cake! Definetly going to be making it sometime in the near future :)

13 years ago

What sort of bead is that, that allows you to squeeze it in a pliers without it breaking/cracking?

erica van tassel
13 years ago

How do you take them out?

13 years ago

This look is super hot in Colorado right now! You can also buy feathers at places where they sell fishing gear — for flies!

13 years ago

Love it! I’ll try it for sure =)
I also adored the cake.

Peace & Love

13 years ago

This is awesome…….

13 years ago

how long do you keep them in? can they get wet?

13 years ago

I love it!! I also LOVE the cake!! I will have to attempt both!

13 years ago

What about washing your hair with the feather in it? Is that okay? or is there a different way to do it!

Boho Diva
13 years ago

I am officially obsessed!!! I’m in love with the hair feather and the cake!! Both now on my “things to do list”!

13 years ago

Agreed, what bead did you use, and can the feathers get wet if its gonna stay in there?

michelle Williamson
13 years ago

LOVE IT!!!!! Now the question is, where do we get it? Does Free People sell it?

13 years ago

Say you make your own extensions from feathers bought at a crafts store will they still be able to get wet and dry the same?

13 years ago


13 years ago

Hey Featherheads!!! order your own feather hair extensions in small orders or in bulk to start your own feathering business at :)

13 years ago

Check out Plumetopias feather hair extensions – create your own feather extension from a wide array of colors!! Fast shipping and quality plumes!

13 years ago

My hair is thin and fragile, would that be a problem? Thank you so much and i love it

13 years ago

The reason the bead doesn’t break is because it’s part cilicon. If you go to Makeup Guru Kandee Johnson’s blog, she has a video demonstrating how to put the extension in and how to take it out. Go to

12 years ago

Just got huge inventory in of these feathers! I am counting and sorting now….will be available online within a week or so at Huge inventory and bulk pricing available soon!
Looks like most other folks are sold out – we will sell to individuals or salons- come check us out soon!! Thank you so much!

12 years ago

heyy.i am wondering if u have any feather hair extensions. i can buy from u.
and where u get urs? i really want them so bad
u do it well

12 years ago

We just got some feathers in and they are available to be sold NOW. here’s where you go:

12 years ago

I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 years ago

Just posted a big lot of grizzly feather extensions on eBay :) I’m planning to list more items soon, too!

12 years ago

If I wanted to make something that looked more like this>>> how would I do it? I know how to attach it to the clip, but I was really wondering how the feathers can be attached to those clasp things. Would wrapping wire around it work?