my boss has a sweater with patches on the elbows and i always thought it was the cutest thing.  then i saw this photo a couple of weeks ago and a light bulb went on.  this is an easy project!

what you need:

a sweatshirt or sweater that you don’t mind experimenting with…


fabric, needle & thread, scissors, safety pins, and something about the size that you want the patches to be.  our visual display team let me use this scrap of pretty fabric, and i happened to have this free people sticker at my desk that was just the right size for the patches!


first i used a sharpie to trace around the edges of the sticker on the fabric, and then cut out the patches being careful to cut right inside the marker line.



next i pinned the patches onto the elbows of the sweater and tried it on to make sure they were placed where i wanted them to be.  keep the safety pins in as you start sewing so the patches don’t move.


i sewed them on by hand yesterday at work and it only took about an hour –  i think sewing while listening to music has got to be one of the most relaxing things ever :)



and voila… cute elbow patches that breathe new life into a plain old sweater!

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13 years ago

cute – so lovely such a great way to jazz up a basic hoody!

13 years ago

Super adorable!! I love the suede patchwork coming out on the runways, this is a great (and cheaper!) alternative!

13 years ago

so cute and clever, def plan on trying this to spice up my old sweaters :) btw i’m an artist in love with fp (have posted before) and recently put up some new works on my site, you guys should check them out!

13 years ago

that hoodie looks awesome. stitching and listening to music IS very relaxing. i used to make fabric purses and didn’t have a sewing machine. there were two or three albums i used to listen to repeatedly, and whenever i hear a song from one of those albums now, it takes me back 8 years to my sewing memories.

13 years ago

That’s awesome. I am definitely going to try that and scour through my grandma’s vintage fabrics!

13 years ago

Cuando la ecología está al alcance de todos y depende de uno mismo!!!!sí!!!!!!

13 years ago

i’m gonna have to try this out! this looks awsome!!!

13 years ago

Speaking of vintage fabrics, when my grandfather died, my mom gave me all his old ties. I used them as belts for a while, but this would also be a great use since it doesn’t require too much fabric!

13 years ago


I used to make jewelry all day long in the summer. Incubus’ Morning View was my album of choice during those special years!