equestrian dreams

She rides like a frontier… lady like and romantic she aims for the sunset, the dusk glow casts a story over her Victorian ruffles.
Her silhouette is striking, riding pants, layered maxi skirts and leather waisted belts. She becomes a rider of romance with power in her eyes.

to get the shots for our current web theme, equestrian dreams, our team went to belmont stables in philadelphia, where a couple of our fp girls take riding lessons.  i asked one of them to tell me a little bit about why she loves riding horses and here’s what she had to say…

“I have been trying to find a hobby that I am really passionate about for years. When I was younger it was dancing, I took ballet for over 12 years, and since I’ve stopped- I haven’t really had ‘a thing’ that I do just for me, and I miss that. I’ve wanted to ride my whole life, my grandmother was a rider and always showed me pictures of her with her horses. Well, I’m 32 and I finally did it. It’s definitely like my little escape, I love going to the stables and grooming my horse and spending time forming relationships. It’s a beautiful feeling to ride a horse, building up the immense trust and getting into that perfect rhythm with such a big animal. When I am riding I am not thinking of anything else, my mind is clear and it is just me and the horse. I also really love the natural, raw almost historic feeling of riding a horse. It’s something humans have been doing for centuries and it feels pretty awesome to be a part of that.”

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