giveaway time!

*UPDATE: we have a winner! this giveaway is now closed.*

time for a giveaway! why? because it’s my birthday! :)

actually, our holiday displays have gone up in our stores and the fall displays have come down so we want to give away one of these  pretty fabric covered urns! the vases were cast in india and covered with fabric from antique indian quilts and turbans, and decorated with beaded tassels.  we have some in our lobby and they look awesome – this would be a great decorative piece for your home!

all you have to do is leave a comment below and we will select the winner at random on friday morning! be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win. good luck!



*p.s. those of you who missed it, check out our DIY to make something similar to these!

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Gracia Nash
13 years ago


liz potorski
13 years ago


Shayna Dwor
13 years ago

This is incredible! I am currently living in Milan for the year and love to give my mother back in Canada a very special Christmas present! She spent a year traveling in India and our house is full of Indian rugs, curry and chai tea- it would be perfect!!!

Jeanette Perthel
13 years ago


13 years ago

I LOVE this!

jessica edghill
13 years ago

I love love love this! would go great in my bedroom ;)

13 years ago

This is just how my house is decorated and i would love to have this wonderfully unique piece from my favorite clothing line to add to my decorations. I LOVE IT!

13 years ago

This is so pretty.

13 years ago

This is too cute! I love!

13 years ago

I love this! What a great idea, you can buy a cheap vase and then over it :)

13 years ago

ah! i have wanted one of these since i saw the pictures of the store displays!
it would look great beside the plexi glass art i did from one of the diy/store displays :)

13 years ago

OOOHHH!!Love it! so pretty!I just moved to a new apartment and i´d love to add this to the entrance:). I love the beaded tassels! are they peruvian?

13 years ago

These are beautiful! Would love to put one in my apt:)

13 years ago

those vases are so beautiful! i would love to have one in my apartment!

13 years ago

O i love this vase! it would be perfect in my home!

regina booth
13 years ago

Perfect for an outdoor patio love love love! :-)

13 years ago

this would look perfect in my philly apartment <3

13 years ago

I have the perfect spot for this in my home, its beautiful!

13 years ago

Devon from “devalev”
i’ll be honest….i don’t have a great spot for this, but i think it would look beautiful in an art studio, a cupcake store, or my room! (if i had more space lol, too many clothes! damn you free people, ahahhahahah jk jk)

13 years ago

Happy Birthday! I hope I win. :)

13 years ago

this would look splendid with my collages of photos from my trip to india in may and heaps of prayer flags strung across my walls.

13 years ago

the vase would be happy to be nestled in my home by the sea. merry birthday to you!

13 years ago

Happy birthday!!! and those urns are beautiful.

13 years ago

I’ve always been so obsessed with free people store decor, and I’ve always wished that FP sold furniture. Hope I win!!

13 years ago

I absolutely LOVE the tassels on this! I adore anything from India, I think the culture there is so beautiful. I love how this is made of recycled materials also! Im a big green/eco friendly person so this is a big bonus for me! Absolutely beautiful. Congrats to whoever wins, & Thank you Free People for such an amazing opportunity to own such an amazing item!! <3 <3 <3