holiday catalog drops today!

this is our biggest book to date, and there’s so much t want to tell you about it,  from the photographers to the models to the locations.  starting with chapter one…

“the center of attention, she glistens in the night.  she is a cinderella star in a beautiful dress. She’s the special one, the one with magic all around her.”

to achieve an atmosphere of holiday magic and fantasy, our team went to northumberland england and shot part of this section at eglingham hall – a location known for being the backdrop to many of tim walker’s magical shoots.



the location was perfect to capture the essence of a girl who awakes to find herself in a fairytale, the lines between reality and dreams are blurred. she dons a beautiful dress and dances off into the night like cinderella.






the photographer for the shoot at eglingham hall was benjamin huseby, who’s dreamy photography captured the spirit of the belle of the ball beautifully, as brought to life by models julia hafstrom and jessica mau.


the third model in this section, who also graces the cover, is the lovely zippora seven. she was shot wearing some of our gorgeous holiday dresses here at the home office in philly by our photographer anthony nocella. she’s done so many great shoots, but these two photos have always been among my favorites:



i have lots of photos of eglingham hall to show you so stay tuned :) and view the entire november catalog right here!

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13 years ago

Are the catalogs online only? that may be a silly question but i am “suscribed” and have been for several months and have never recieved one in the mail so i thoguht id ask

13 years ago

LOVE the new catalog! did a blog post on my new favorite pieces from the new collection:

peace. love. create.

Boho Diva
13 years ago

Gorgeous photography as usual! I can’t wait until it comes in the mail!!
xoxo, Boho Diva

13 years ago

I received the catalog Friday. I’m so impressed by the photography, outfits, and the gorgeous models chosen for this catalog. Perfect!

13 years ago

Best catalog ever! A pure joy:)

13 years ago

I have to say this is one of my favorite catalogs yet. You guys really stepped it up this time and I applaud the outcome! I find great inspiration from each of the sketches and photography! I hope to see more like this in the future!!

13 years ago

perfect… I’m so impressed by the gorgeous model the beautiful place..the photography and of-course the beautiful clothes… nice picture from the photographer… thanks for sharing me this articles.. god bless

13 years ago

Such a beautiful catalog. I especially love the sketches and swatches on some of the pages. Very artfully done!