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13 years ago

I really love the lamps in the second picture. I would love to know more about them & how they were made. I love to crochet & this is such a perfect project! I’ve been trying to figure out something like this for a while so tips would be great!

Love the office as always!

13 years ago

my hardwood floors are like that :) they make me happy!

13 years ago

Very nice photos, and what a great workspace! What kind of camera did you get?

13 years ago

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing…my favorite things are the hardwood floors and all those dangling lights, so cool.

13 years ago

What kind of camera is it? I’m looking into buying a nice new one and it seems to take such lovely pictures :)

13 years ago

LOVE the chandeliers and your wall of inspiration! I am also constantly tearing out magazine pages that inspire me!

erica d
13 years ago

LOVE the chairs in picture 13.. any clue where they came from? did you upholster them yourselves or did you find them that way? i love them!

13 years ago

i want to live in it all :)

13 years ago

I want to work for you!!

13 years ago

I would love to work for you! Need a graphic designer/artist?

13 years ago

So crisp and colorful, full of happeness! Love the shots!

Boho Diva
13 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous!! Love these pictures

13 years ago

Where to you get such fun fabrics? Thanks! :)

13 years ago

Good Lord- all I keep thinking about is that very cool looking gold mouse!

13 years ago

wow! Looks like a dream place to work! So inspiring!! xo from Espana