1. I will never buy from this copany again, quality of 2 items I ordered was very poor, especially for the price. Treatment at a local store when I tried to return the 2 unworn, perfect in “as received condition”, had the receipt and the children who were running the store wouldn’t take them back. NEVER AGAIN!!! SUCKS!!

  2. yes every company has some bad points, but in spite what you think is bad costumer service, free people is a good company with good morals behind it. anyone who has read this blog at all can tell the genuine heart of the company, and just because you had a poor experience does no mean it is all bad.
    i personally do not own any fp items because i can not afford it, but i will stick to and support this company because i believe in what they believe. this blog is full if cool and FREE do it yourself things that they could very well market, but they dont they post them FREE on this blog for people to do. i do not think that is greedy at all.
    maybe if you can not use the 2 items you have for yourself, you could give them away to people who need them, make light of a bad situation and do not burn a good company. life is too short, relax and just live! <3

  3. you cant brand “freedom”and for those of you who feel better at spending $200 on a top that says “hey look at me and my care free ways on spending money”.. then kudos for you!

  4. I agree with you, Alice. I am fortunate own some free people clothes and they are amazing. All the employees I’ve met are very nice and If you know what I know about the company you wouldn’t be saying these things. Free People is an AMAZING group of talented individuals who create love and create clothes that flatter all woman and body types and for you to just come on here and say those things, they are very heart breaking to me because that’s not AT ALL what Free People is about. They are about being free spirited, being individual, being different and being smart. To me Free People is a way that I can express myself through my clothes rather than wearing the same thing as everyone else. Price doesn’t always matter when it comes to self-expression and creativity. They make you feel beautiful in the way the clothes are made.. the delicate lace, the perfect stitching, the graphic tees, everything. Sure go buy something from a place like Hollister and then come and tell me you feel unique. There clothes are LOVE and this blog is LOVE and INSPIRATION and INDIVIDUALITY. Free People is a dream for me.

    The Blog is a whole other thing. I feel Like they should write a magical book and stick all of these posts in it. there’s so much inspiration, tutorials, and just a feeling of freedom and love that I get everyday when I come to read the new posts.

    So, please don’t write disrespectful things about THIS company when you don’t know jack. I’m not saying I’m a Free People expert but I know enough and I’m still learning things about free people every day. I don’t want to sound mean but I just feel that you should learn the core of the company and feel what I feel and then come back and tell me that because you won’t have anything to say.

    I hope you don’t take offense to what I’m saying, I’m just trying to say to think about what you post and your opinions before you post them. What you posted was not only untrue but it was hurtful to all the girls out there who has fallen in love with this group of amazing people, just as I have.

  5. i wish fp clothes were sweatshop free if they’re not then it’s kind of strange to talk about free people. just a suggestion, nothing bad meant with my comment. i too buy regularly from fp but cannot help but feel bad about the workers in china, india… much love from europe, tanya

  6. I dream of someday working for a company with employees that have such beautiful personalities. Love you Free People!

  7. I also love the clothes and style, but I agree, they are way way too expensive for the flimsy quality of them. I only own fp things from other stores that give me at least 70% off. That’s the only way that I feel comfortable spending money on fun, impractical clothing like this.
    And btw, real hippies can’t afford you, we just copy your ideas for wayyyy less.

  8. thats what im saying! these brainless teenyboppers will buy into anything that can they can get their parents money to buy.. i love the concept of the brand… but in truth its not what it seems.. no real hippie..especially the ones who attended Woodstock would EVER spend that much money on clothes…WAKE UP and smell the marketing people..

  9. Actually… Spending more money per item is more sustainable and better for the economy than buying loads of discounted clothing. The money you spend on these clothes supports the designers and creative people that come up with these ideas you love so much. Buying cheap knockoffs only benefits you and that ideal is decidedly un-hippy.

  10. I agree sooo expensive, and why?!? Just copy the looks and find them someplace else! The most green way to shop is second hand. I love when I go to places like Buffalo Exchange or consignment shops and find Free People clothes! Win!

  11. wow, this is the first conversation along these lines i’ve seen on this blog. branding individuality, freedom, etc. is real and interesting, check out the “conquest of cool” really good read.

    yes, second hand is best. and i love all my junkstore antique furniture and jewelry finds i have owned similar items that i got for amazing prices before they were ever in vintage loves (example, 1920’s german silver mental chain purse)!! still, free people has unique clothing shapes, layering ideas/techniques, and i think beautiful clothing. i have ideas about what i think is beautiful and stylish and it meshes with free people.

    look, if you think spending this much money is silly then don’t but calm down!!!, just check out the lookbook for outfit ideas or this blog or whatever.

    urban is for the ‘boppers’, free people for the mid twenties, and anthropologie when we get older and slightly conservative. yeah, they got a market figured out and they do it well! if you want to opt out of this then go read adbusters, otherwise why are you on this blog being upset?

  12. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, please do not come onto this blog and bash Free People. If you truly understood the spirit and originality of the brand then you wouldn’t be so negative about it. If you find the prices to be absurd, then fine.. but don’t come on here and trash the Free People name. The creative minds behind the clothing, advertising, and blog are so inspiring. Let’s keep this a place for POSITIVITY! Love you fp.

  13. Love you Free People!
    I think everybody just needs to CHILL OUT.
    Yes, their stiff is a little expensive, but then just dont buy it! You don’t have to complain about it!
    I personally love their stuff, kudos to the blog too, its phenomenal :)

  14. If someone wants to waste their energy being mad, who cares! Not everyone can be cool, there is bitterness everywhere, if you let them get to you then they win. They know free people is awesome, they’re just bitter. They obviously don’t have much to complain about in life if this is a concern. Soooo go buy your knockoffs and look blah to go with the attitude

  15. hey guys- we appreciate your feedback and always want you to feel like the blog is a place to discuss things and communicate with us. but like someone else said we want to keep it positive and constructive so any comments that are inappropriate and/or personal are going to be removed. thanks!

  16. I will never, ever understand the compulsion some folks have to hop on here and on facebook to complain about the price of the clothes. If you think the clothes are overpriced, don’t buy them. The fact that you are complaining would seem to indicate you want the clothes quite badly, but for whatever reason don’t want to have to pay the asking price. If you can’t afford clothes at this price level, that is not the fault of FP. If you can afford the clothes but feel they are not worth the asking price, then why do you want the clothes at all? There are plenty of cheaper lines selling similar looking clothes. Let’s all be real, brands like FP, Nightcap, Pencey, etc are all pricey, but they’re all “cheap alternatives” to REALLY expensive luxury brands. The flame slip FP was selling at $78 was basically a Missoni rip-off. Anyone know how much Missoni costs? And if the FP priced rip-off is too expensive, Forever-21 and Target both have similar clothes at an even lower price point. Is anyone on the Missoni website complaining about the price of Missoni? If they are, they should come to brands like these and get the look for less. Would I love to own a Missoni? Sure! I can’t afford it though. Sam Edleman sells his Zoe boots for $200, FP sole Maurie and Eve’s Moto boot for $400. Those were both cheap versions of Balenciaga’s boot costing a few Ks. Compared to the looks FP is recreating, FP is dirt cheap, and that’s why I love them.

    And then there are the FP looks that *nobody* else is doing. The bulk of the FP-One line falls into this category. Often it is the case that those are some of the cheapest clothes on the entire site. If you want those, you’ll have to pay the price. That’s true with any original creation. (And the FP originals are 100% worth it. That’s why they sell out.)

    I suppose where I’m going with all this is that complaining about price is childish and illogical, especially when the complaining is to complain that you don’t like the discount you have been given. 20% is a LOT. If you want a deep discount, you have to buy in bulk. That’s true anywhere. You can strike a deal at the electronics store if you want to buy 10 50″ LCD tvs. You can’t strike a deal if you want to buy a single season of Friends on dvd. There are 3 or 4 10% with no minimum purchase sales year round, plus the sale selection is a steal. The Jeffrey Campbell (another mid-priced ‘knock-off’ brand) Bestival shoes were $330, and now they’re $100. If that’s too expensive for you, that isn’t the fault of FP, and bashing them on a public forum isn’t going to put money in your wallet.

    If any of the people complaining on here are the ones who regularly post on the facebook wall to demand free shipping, free clothes, discounted clothes, etc, know that what you are doing is in poor taste. What you are doing on here is in poor taste. Get a life.

  17. First of all, I’ve been a devoted Free People lover since I was about sixteen years old. I’m 21 now, nearly 22. I’ve always appreciated their unique approach to clothing. And honestly, their clothing fits like a glove. For me, it’s always been about the fit. It’s hard to find clothing that is as flattering as theirs, and has a unique touch to boot.
    While Free People’s aesthetic has always remained true over the years, I have to be honest in saying that I really loved the older Free People items. I understand that styles have to change with the times to keep the company afloat, but some of us miss the older styles. I loved all the gothic/fairy/victorian themed styles from years past. Obviously I can still see the influence of that with the lace and velvet styles that are present now. But those were the items that made me love Free People so much. I also must say, I’ve ALWAYS only bought Free People denim because of how great the fit is, but I haven’t bought any denim lately. Not everyone wants to wear either super skinny denim or super flare jeans. Your straight leg and boot-cut styles were the epitome of perfection in denim. I would love to see those styles re-emerge; I’m sure they would sell just as well. Luckily, I’ve been able to find some of those great items on E-bay, Plato’s closet, thrift stores, etc. It definitely takes some digging.
    All that said, I do think you guys are still creating beautiful clothing. You have had a major influence on a lot of young trend clothes that are being produced now. Every time I go in to Charlotte Russe, I see an item that was first done by Free People. Just the other day I saw a sweater very similar to the Snuggle Bear Sweater of last winter (cozy long sleeve sweater with lurex stitching on neckline, hem and sleeves). And let’s not forget where we first saw long-sleeved lace tops and those pretty pink ruffle skirts!

    So, with all that, thank you everybody at Free People. You guys are doing a fantastic job. And yes, people who do read this blog can see how much care they put into what they are doing. How many other clothing store blogs feature their dogs, yummy recipes and DIY projects? Just from all that you can tell they are kind people who care about others. And I will always endorse a company like that! Happy Holidays!

  18. I have been following this discussion for some time now. I was complaining earlier that FP is very expensive, but that having been said, if I had the money I would buy all my clothes at FP. It is just hard for me being a recent college graduate working in non-profit to afford clothes like this. I wasn’t disrespecting the company, as the clothes are so beautiful and creatively designed, more just venting my frustration, not lashing out. I realize these prices are low compared to some designer clothes. That having been said, I love this blog! Keep it coming. Didn’t mean to put negative vibes out there :) Peace, love, and hair grease! xoxo

  19. woah… after all that …I just wanted to state i have been a longtime FP lover. I STILL OWN AND WEAR my first FP dress from 13- 15 years ago! (Someday i’ll photo it and send it) .It’s timeless, as i have found most FP clothing to be, or at least the pieces i have chosen. An example:the WTF Lace up Henley is like a favorite top i wore in high school.I do not think i have thrown out or given away any of my FP sweaters, tops, dresses, etc. that i have, and i can think of only once or twice having to mend anything, and it was because my daughter who is bigger than me was wearing my clothing. Yes, she became a FP lover also at an early age, with tanks, sweaters, tights, jackets too. 15 years wear is definite quality, not flimsy. I certainly cannot come near buying everything i want, but i also don’t have time to actually sew everything unique that i would like. FP is as close as i can get to actual handmade without the work, cost, search time. Thank you FP for the discount, it comes in handy. P.S. love Urban and Anthro too, there is no age on clothing- i exposed my daughter and her friend to them as well at least 10 years ago…

  20. fp Julia, I’ve read in numerous places that Free People does use sweatshops.
    I love the clothes at Free People but want to be ethical about where I’m buying things. Workers at Sweatshops have been known to commit suicide the conditions are so bad, I don’t want to support that.
    I would be so happy to learn that Free People People did not use sweatshops, as you claim.
    However, I’m assuming if they truly didn’t use sweatshops, they would pronounce it everywhere! And it would be a major part of their branding — that they are sweatshop free! So I have to admit I find your claim to be very doubtful. I’d love to be proven wrong though!

  21. Same @Darshan Stevens! This is my all-time favorite store fashion-wise <3. I love what FP did in 2014 with the year of sustainable style, I really appreciated and admired the awareness of environmental and social impact, and the effort of doing something about it! I would love to see something like that again. The assurance of ethical production of clothing would be all it would take for me to shop at FP again. Best <3.

  22. Why are you manufacturing your clothes in sweat shops? To those that think free people is ethically friendly think again. These beautiful clothes i have been collecting (second hand) are made in china sweatshops Indonesia sweat shops etc… How can you feel right knowing this? Don’t believe me? Do the research.also the owner of fp u.o. and anthro refuses to have any transparency about these lines. Urban outfitters is the worst! Its all made in china or things you can buy at a thrift store but they charge 69 $ for a shirt! It probably cost $5 to make. Im broken hearted about the information i learned tonight. I started questioning whether i had bought knock offs because I have multiple trapeze slips all labeled size small but all fit different. Some had fire hazard warnings some had cloth distributed by u.o. labels. The only one i actually bought new from nordstrom has a fire warning label and very thin tag that was all in chinese. I know there are knock offs of thid brand and if i buy second hand i dont mind… So while you “free spirited wanderers” dont mind dropping $100 on a slip or a thermal know that you are contributing to sweat shops. In this day and age we need to be conscious about what we buy.i wouldnt mind the prices if they used fair trade ethics but the bottom line is profit. So with a broken heart i say goodbye to your website and you are putting in a store in my neighborhood..i was so excited until i learned the truth. Nothing “free” about you. Maybe before you sold your store to urbn you were ethical but now you are behind on the times. Very sad. Luckily i can buy your clothes used for the price they should cost.

  23. @cameragirl you need to wake up! And you love urban outfitters? I sawva $90 romper on the rack with a broken zipper i showed it to the staff and they put it on a huge pile of damaged goods.i then asked if i had bought it and the zipper broke right away if i could return it…nope! Their items go on sale extremely fast and if you bought it full price but return it with tag and reciept youll onlu get the highly reduced sales price returned.the staff there are morons and everything is cheasy. They sell used levis 501s that are cut off or have other flaws for $70. You can find these in any thrift shop for $10. It sickens me to see these ignorant comments but that’s how most humans are if it doesnt effect you it doesnt matter. If free people was ethical it would be transparent about where and how the clothes are made but they only focus on the inspiration. Also wtf is up with your sizing inconsistency? I wear xs-L in this brand because its so even say to go a size down sometimes..why? Why not just make it the right size_ even on the same item ie the trapeze slips all 10 labeled small all fit different….i encourage people to buy local.go to even … Supporting sweat shops not only is horrible for obvious reasons but you make it so if people are actually making their own things or using fair trade ethics to not be able to support themselves unless they charge an arm and a leg. Free people is as bad as walmart…maybe worse because they give this lie about how they are.

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