The bottom movement

Here at Free People, we know and love cords. It’s falls go-to fabric. This Autumn/winter we have styles to suit your “wear till they’re threadable” needs, as well as the chic tulip flare that you’ll turn to when you want to smarten up. These are the styles we’ll be wearing this autumn.”

First round modeled by one of our lovely girls working here at the home office: the flared cord which is perfect for Fall, and the shape is super sexy!

Blog Denim Story sized 058

Blog Denim Story sized 074

Blog Denim Story sized 087

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11 years ago

Is that a real feather tattoo on her wrist!? That is sooooo amazing. What a badass!

11 years ago

wow these photos are great the style looks amazing!

Boho Diva
11 years ago

I loooooove cords!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a new pair!!
xoxo, Boho Diva

11 years ago

Just bought these today at the Dallas store…I’ll be wearing them in Denver this weekend! We will be stopping by the store opening in Cherry Creek Mall while we’re there. CAN’T WAIT!

10 years ago

Love the feather tat!