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there’s a very cool show opening at space 1026 in philly tonight – featuring the work of chrissy piper, an amazing photographer who shot our upcoming december catalog!  the show consists of portraits from her 3 records series, in which she asks the people she photographs to name three records that changed and/or inspired their lives.  i think its such an amazing concept, and makes the portraits so much more personal.

also, two of our very inspiring fp girls were photographed for the 3 records series, so i wanted to share their portraits and their responses with you :)

our creative director:

doub records

and our videographer:




here’s a preview of the show from the space 1026 website:


also check out more of chrissy piper’s work on her website – i can’t wait to show you some shots from our december book, she did such an awesome job!

this of course got me thinking about how i would respond to the 3 records question. my answers are probably pretty typical but i think i would have to say…


bob marley’s legend, not because i think its the best collection of his music, but because that album to me represents my happiest childhood memories, being at the beach with my family. the beatles rubber soul, which my best friend in grade school gave me (on cassette), and sparked my obsession with the band that is still going strong. and bob dylan’s blood on the tracks because it got me through a really difficult time, and still does when i’m having a bad day.

what are three records that changed and/or inspired your life? i’d love to hear :)


  1. hmmm tough question…

    sublime-40oz to freedom (nearly melted that cassette tape i played it so much in 7th grade), stevie nicks-bella donna (best album to drive to), and any ani difranco-so much shouting, so much laughing (because it always manages to save me in the worst of times and remind me i’m a righteous babe ;) )

  2. man, my answers are pretty standard as well:
    1. help by the beatles. I remember watching the movie on the tape when I was a child and taking my mother’s vinyl and playing it on the player over and over and over. In my opinion, that album is one song short of perfection {sorry, dizzy miss lizzy]
    2. the times they are a-changin’ by bob dylan. when I was younger, the most amazing sound was the crackling of the vinyl player while it was playing this incredible album. then, I did not understand the power behind the lyrics like I do now, but I knew there was something special.
    3. a charlie brown christmas – the holidays are such a wonderful time of year, especially with this beautiful jazz playing the entire month of december in my childhood house. it reminds me of the smell of christmas trees, the taste of buckeyes {peanut butter balls covered in chocolate] and joy of spending time with my family.

  3. This is really difficult to answer…but I guess I would have to say:

    David Bowie’s “Changes”, “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” by Belle and Sebastian, and “London Calling” by The Clash

  4. I guess I’m going to say
    Tori Amos-From the Choirgirl Hotel
    Ani Difranco-Little Plastic Castle and
    TV on The Radio- Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes

    oh my god, It’s so hard to choose.

  5. Ani difranco changed my life, too ::sigh::!
    So did Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes and The Cranberries!!
    It is way too difficult to narrow it down to three :/

  6. 1. fleetwood mac, rumours. actually, ALL fleetwood mac
    2. “africa” by toto
    3. all kings of leon
    4. all josh ritter
    5. and the song “can’t you hear me knocking” by the rolling stones.

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