thursday poll – edition 119

i’ve got cabin fever! i love all of these outfits from our lodge lookbook and they’re making me want to load up on layers and spend a weekend at a lodge with a fireplace and lots of hot chocolate. which of these looks do you guys like best?

look one:

look two:

look three:
look four:
look five:

look six:

look seven:

look eight:

click on each image to see details on the items in the look! now vote :)

the winner of last week’s party shoe poll was the velvet crusher peeptoe with 32%.

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I can’t vote because these are all amazing.


I agree with kat…can’t choose which one…

Huge fan of look 2,6, and 7! These may need to be shown off…

2 3 5 6 8!!! I need to vote for all of them <3


Do you think in the future you could post a picture of the winning item from the poll last week.


This was one of the hardest ever! I want all of them, please!!!

In the recent “Cabin Fever” shoot there is a really awesome long sleeve sweater or top that I really want. It’s striped in a peachy pink and white. It’s on the model on the left who is with the dog. I can’t find it anywhere in the online store. Can you help?

Thanks, Julie. I didn’t realize it was so long from the way it’s styled in the Cabin Fever spread. It really reminds of 1930s sweaters. Gorgeous!


I have Cabin Fever as well! All looks are truly magical, but looks five and eight are dazzling!

Happy shopping!


I wish you can pick more than one to vote on… I cant make up my mind!

love all these looks! my favorite is #7 though!!!! she is absolutely gorgeous!

Hi, I have to get a belt like that with loads of colours. I got inspiration from these pictures and then borrowed my flatmates belt, to do the outfit thats on my blog now.
Thanks for the inspiration and a great blog!